500 Computer MCQ Questions for BCS and Bank Job

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BCS Computer Questions

Below you will get more than 500 points with MCQ questions and answers. Which definitely help you to answer on preliminary examinations for BCS, Bank job and others govt and private jobs.

  1. The mechanism of digital is- Symbol of number;
  2. The task of operating system for hardware and software is- Make bridge;
  3. The first calculation machine in the history of computer- Abacus;
  4. The storage capacity of RAM cannot be increased;
  5. The instruction for starting the computer are housed on- Read Only Memory chip;
  6. A destination for data going outside the system is called- Sink;
  7. In a computer system there are 4 parts;
  8. Unwanted e mail- Spam;
  9. The word ‘Computer’ came from Geek;
  10. The process of starting of resting a computer is – Boot;
  11. The ability to have a number of applications running at the same time is called – Integrated;
  12. In general, “My Document” is located at- C drive;
  13. In general, letter D is considered [except A, B & C] for Hard Disk Drive;
  14. Hard disk is a auxiliary drive;
  15. Keyboard is used to store data;
  16. Register is a part of CPU;
  17. The printers usually used in office work- Dot matrix, Inkjet, LASER;
  18. A dot matrix printer prints with “pin and ribbobn”.
  19. The term “Hard copy” means- Printed copy;
  20. The best chart for showing parts of a whole- Pie;
  21. A separate file sent as part of an email message is called a/an- attachment;
  22. Computer memory is normally measured in Gigabytes;
  23. Time to spin the needed data under head- Latency time;
  24. Time to position the head over proper track- Seek time;
  25. Access time is Seek time + Latency time;
  26. The smallest power interruption that can cause memory errors or cause the computer to lock up- 1/200 seconds;
  27. Properly arranged data is called- Information;
  28. Another word for a Daisy Wheel Printer- Golf ball printer.
  29. The wheel of mouse can make it easier scroll through documents;
  30. First program of Microsoft- DOS;
  31. MS-DOS is operating system for IBM PCs;
  32. DOS is not a multi user multi taking operating system;
  33. ‘DOS’ floppy disc does not have virtual memory;
  34. Text based operating system- DOS, UNIX (for mainframe computer);
  35. Mac Operating System is compatible for Macintosh computer;
  36. The disk contains operating system is called- start up disk;
  37. Cache- related to memory of a computer;
  38. Cache memory have the shortest access time;
  39. The computer that has no hard disc storage but sends input and receives output from the server is knows as- Host;
  40. Binary system is used to store data in a computer;
  41. Example of optical storage device (auxiliary memory)- Hard Disk, CD, DVD, Pen Drive;
  42. USA is the inventor of Internet in 1969. Invented by- Vinton Gray Cerf;
  43. The predecessor of modern internet- Arpanet (Advance Research Project Agency Network);
  44. Web browser is used to display web contents;
  45. Popular Web browsers- Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google chrome, Internet Explorer;
  46. Search engines searches websites by keyword(s);
  47. Popular search engines- Google, Yahoo, Bing, Hotmail, MSN;
  48. The resolution of a printer is measured in Dot Per Inch (DPI);
  49. Tape speed- Inch per second;
  50. The most commonly used standard data code to represent alphabetical numerical and punctuation characters used in electronic data processing system is called-ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange).
  51. The two basic type of record access methods are- Sequential and Random;
  52. Lower efficiency is the limitation of high level language;
  53. Sequential file organization is the most efficient for a file with a high degree of file activity.
  54. In a punched card system data is processed by a accounting machine, keypunch machine and sorter;
  55. The central device in star topology is- Hub/Switch;
  56. An online backing storage system capable of storing larger quantities of data is- Mass storage;
  57. DASD-A class of storage device that can access storage locations in any others;
  58. Disk- An item of storage medium in the form of circular plate;
  59. Aback extension refers usually backup file.
  60. Wi-Fi means Wireless fidelity;
  61. WiMax- Wireless Internet Technology;
  62. A technique used by codes to convert an analogy signal into a digital bit stream is known as- pulse code modulation;
  63. Interconnected computer configuration – Multi-programming;
  64. An input and output device at which data enters or leaves a computer system- Terminal;
  65. A group of magnetic tapes, video or terminals usually under the control of one master – Cluster;
  66. The data recording format is most of the modern magnetic tape is – 8 bit EBCDIC;
  67. The most common type of storage device is- Magnetic;
  68. Each model of a computer has a unique machine language;
  69. A computer connected with server (server client) is called- work station;
  70. Microsoft is trying to buy yahoo search engine.
  71. Programming languages- Fortran, Java, C++, BASIC, LOGO, COBOL, Pascal;
  72. 1st Programming language- Fortran (Formula Translator);
  73. The characteristic of computers that differentiate from the other electronic devices- Programming;
  74. Instruction in computer language consist of OPCODE & OPERAND;
  75. Other name of Chip- IC (Integrated Circuit);
  76. The component works first, when you start your computer- Processor;
  77. The utility program could improves the speed of a disk- Fragmentation;
  78. Disk Defragmentation is used to rearrange files in a disk;
  79. Bluetooth operation use- radio technology;
  80. Bluetooth is the name for the 802.15 wireless networking standard;
  81. A CD-ROM drive is labeled with 52x; Here 52x is a measurement of Data transfer rate.
  82. Access time is made up of- data transfer time;
  83. Functional key F12 is- save button;
  84. Pictorial representation of an operation- icon;
  85. Pixel of a color monitor consists of 3 color dot. The colors are- Blue, Green & Red.
  86. The inventor of punch card- Joseph Marie Jacquard;
  87. 1 Byte = 21 to 23 BITs = 2 to 8 BITs information;
  88. 1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes = 210 bytes information;
  89. 1 Megabyte = 1024 x 1024 bytes = 220 bytes = 106 bytes information;
  90. 1GB = = 1024 x 1024 x 1024 bytes information = 230 bytes information;
  91. One millisecond is equal to a 1000th of a second;
  92. The largest unit of storage- Terabyte;
  93. Modem is a device for exchanging data;
  94. Data transfer rate of a dial up MODEM is measured in kbps (Kilo Byte per Second);
  95. Modem connection is used to assess the internet in a very remote location;
  96. Antivirus software is an utility software;
  97. In MS Word application package, you can produce some letter for different persons by using- mail merge;
  98. If you format a disk then- everything will be lost.
  99. In the numerical key pad of a standard key board available- 17 keys;
  100. In a standard keyboard functional keys available- 12 keys;
  101. Charles Babbage invented his first calculating machine in 1812;
  102. Analytical engine of Charles Babbage was the simplification of modern computer;
  103. The specialty of EDVAC- storage program;
  104. “Microsoft Outlook” is a software designed to function as- An Internet Explorer;
  105. Transistor invented in 1948;
  106. Integrated Circuit (IC) invented in 1958;
  107. The most distinctive difference between a LAN and a WAN is- Distance covered;
  108. Programming errors detected by the language translator are called- Syntax errors;
  109. MS Access- A database package;
  110. MS Word, Word Star, WP- Word Processing Packages;
  111. In windows operating system “ctrl + alt + del” command indicate- Shutdown the computer;
  112. Screen size does not affect the resolution of a video display image;
  113. Records are composed of fields;
  114. Fields are composed of- bytes and character;
  115. LASER printers are known as- Character printer;
  116. High speed & high quality printer- LASER printer;
  117. The number system used to store data in a computer is- Binary;
  118. The fasted data transmission media is- Fiber optic cable;
  119. The low level language- machine language, assembly language;
  120. High level language is also called- Problem oriented language, Business oriented language, Mathematically oriented language;
  121. Interpreter translate one instruction- at a time;
  122. The component hold a charge even through power has been removed- Capacitor;
  123. Different components on the motherboard of a PC processor unit are linked together by sets or parallel electrical conducting lines- Busses;
  124. Odd parity bit & Even parity bit associated with error detector;
  125. Analog computer works on the supply for continuous electrical pulses;
  126. Speed measurement device of vehicle- Analog computer;
  127. Graphics for word processor- Clip art;
  128. The file run automatically if it is available extension-
  129. The general term for buying and selling through the internet is- e. commerce;
  130. Removable disk- Floppy disk, compact disk, DVD, Pen drive;
  131. Irremovable disk- Hard disk;
  132. Hard disc is coated in both side above-Magnetic Metallic Oxide;
  133. The command “shift delete”- completely delete;
  134. The scanner used in banking industry is- Magnetic Ink Character Reader (MICR);
  135. “Bullet and Numbering” option of MS Word at- Format menu;
  136. “Header and Footer” option of MS Word at- Insert menu;
  137. Windows 98 Operating System is 32 bit;
  138. A Hybrid computer- Resembles both a digital & analog computer;
  139. The silicon chips used for data processing are called- PROM chips;
  140. Input devices- Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Digital Camera, Joystick, light pen.
  141. Output devices- Monitor, Printer, Speaker, Plotter.
  142. Input & Output devices- Modem, Touch screen monitor, Terminal.
  143. IT stands for- Information Technology;
  144. Submarine power cables are cables for- Electrical power running through the sea, below the surface;
  145. The two main types software are- System software & Application software;
  146. A computer must have- an operating system;
  147. The principal system software is known as- Operating system;
  148. The most important part (central portion) of Operating System- Kernel;
  149. The “Information Highway” is also known as- Internet;
  150. All classes IP networks can be divided into smaller networks called- Subnet;
  151. A password is a form of secret authentication data that is used to control access to a resource;
  152. A `file` is a unit of- Information;
  153. A computer is a device for processing, storing and displaying- Information;
  154. A spreadsheet is a type of- Accounting program;
  155. Scientific software is typically used to solve differential equations;
  156. A personal computer is a type of- microcomputer;
  157. The term `Micro` (extremely small) denotes 10−6 ;
  158. Palmtop is the name of- a small handheld computer;
  159. A Pentium 4 (P-4) employs roughly 40 million transistors;
  160. Mark-1, Apple-1 & Collossus were- initial desktop computers;
  161. The printers in pre-1950s were- Punch card;
  162. An error in software designing which can even cause a computer to crash is called- bug;
  163. Before the 1950s, computers were mostly owned by universities and research labs;
  164. The computer museum is situated in USA;
  165. The 1st Electronic computer was- ENIAC;
  166. The 1st commercially produced and sold computer was- UNIVAC (1951);
  167. The 1st digital computer- UNIVAC-1 [Edition December, 2008];
  168. IBM was provided software for PCs by-Microsoft;
  169. The first personal computer- Sphere 1;
  170. Time sharing, teletyping were associated with- mainframe computers;
  171. Midrange computer- Minicomputer;
  172. The first electric computer with storage program- EDSAC;
  173. The first computer game- Space war (1962);
  174. There are many computers or dumb computers are jointed with Mainframe computers;
  175. RAM cache will not be more than one-fourth of RAM;
  176. Memory capacity of a CD is 700MB;
  177. Networking operating system is- Resource sharing;
  178. Personal computer, Mainframe and Mainframe computers can use the operating system-UNIX operating system;
  179. Real time server meant- Then and then;
  180. The internal memory of computer is called- Main memory;
  181. The main memory of Atlas operating system- Dram;
  182. The main part of Atlas operating system- Device drive;
  183. The important part for activating of hardware of computer- Software;
  184. Computer can works in diversifying- for processor;
  185. DPT starts in Macintosh computer;
  186. Clone is duplication of developed computer;
  187. First computer was installed in Bangladesh in 1964 at Bangladesh Nuclear Energy Commission, Model: IBM-1620;
  188. The unit of speed of computers work is- Nano second (1 Nano second =10−9 second; Computer Logic :
  189. George Boole find the relationship between Logic & Math’s in 1854;
  190. George Boole invented the Boolean Algebra;
  191. There are 2 values of each variable in Boolean Algebra;
  192. There are 3 basic/fundamental gates in Boolean Algebra;
  193. NOT is one of the basic / fundamental gates of Boolean Algebra;
  194. The logic gate NOT has one input and one output;
  195. NOT operator is one of the logical operator;
  196. The logic gate NOT has- One output & One Output;
  197. The main character of NOT gate is- reverse the signal;
  198. X-NOR gate is the combination of X-OR gate and NOT gate;
  199. John Nepiar invented- Logarithms;
  200. Super computers, Mainframe computers, mini computers and Micro computers are based on Digital;
  201. The arranging of data in a logical sequence is called- sorting;
  202. The brain of a computer within the CPU is- Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU);
  203. Central Processing Unit is combination of Arithmetic Logic Unit & Control Unit;
  204. The ancient Babylon people used 2 types of counting system;
  205. The ancient Babylon people used 15 based for large counting;
  206. The ancient Babylon people used 10 based for small counting;
  207. The ten-based book was published in India;
  208. Al Khwarizmi wrote a book on ten based;
  209. Binary number system is mainly used for computer system;
  210. In binary number system 2 is the base;
  211. In decimal system there are 10 digits;
  212. In number system the lowest unit is digit;
  213. Computers use 2 digits for its electronic job purpose: 0 & 1;
  214. 1 (One) is the value of any number when its power zero;
  215. The binary compliment of 0 is 1;
  216. The binary compliment of 1 is 0;
  217. The number with the fraction is called- real number;
  218. There are 2 kinds of real number; Any number with fraction is called- real number;
  219. Rational number is understood by integer;
  220. Internal processing (task) of computer is normally performed in- Binary system;
  221. In octal number system, 8 base;
  222. In Hexadecimal number system the base is 16;
  223. Octal + Decimal = Hexadecimal number;
  224. ASCII code that used for the English and Roman language;
  225. There are 2 steps in ASCII;
  226. There are 256 symbols used for the main English language;
  227. There are 85000 symbols used for the Chinese language;
  228. There are 65536 codes for UNICODE consodium in the world for all language;
  229. The latest version of UNICODE 501;
  230. The length of Unicode character is 16 bits;
  231. Bit is the short form of- Binary & digit;
  232. The first digital computer was invented by- Blias Pascal;
  233. The name of 0 & 1 is bit;
  234. The name of the word that constitute of eight bits in Binary system-Byte; 8 bit=1 Byte.
  235. 8 bits are used for processing data;
  236. The name of Coding system that is used in Bangla language- UNICODE;
  237. An EBCDI code is 8 Bit;
  238. Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) is 4 Bit;
  239. Low level language is own language of computer which is written in binary;
  240. The capacity of 3.5 inches floppy disc is 1.44 MB;
  241. Spreadsheet Analysis :
  242. Spreadsheet is a accounting program;
  243. The program that used for calculations relating purpose is- Spreadsheet program;
  244. The special advantage of Spreadsheet program- Large and complicated calculation;
  245. The popular and common used spread program is MS Excel;
  246. In 1985 Microsoft company prepared spreadsheet for- Macintosh computer;
  247. The command of spreadsheet program is called- Menu driven;
  248. MS Excel spreadsheet program is Graphical User Interface (GUI) type program;
  249. The reserve words in BASIC include GOTO;
  250. Most commonly used spreadsheet program for DOS is- LOTUS 123;
  251. Lotus is a text based spreadsheet program;
  252. The nature of organization of BASIC is open;
  253. In MS Excel 2003 program maximum number of rows 65536 and columns 256;
  254. In MS Excel 2007 program maximum number of rows 1048576 and columns 16384;
  255. The name of the point where a row and a column crossed is- Cell;
  256. An active cell in work sheet mean- Ready for execute for command;
  257. Cell address A2 means- 2nd row of column A;
  258. In spreadsheet program range mean- Select some cell at a time;
  259. There are 2 kinds of cell in MS Excel program;
  260. Using logical formula based mathematical works be done in spreadsheet program;
  261. At the beginning of formula in spreadsheet program Equal Sign ) is to be typed;
  262. The command of symbols currency (dollar, Taka) remain in MS Excel program- format cells of format menu;
  263. The cells in the worksheet when cells are run from top to bottom is called-column;
  264. The place of Formula typing in MS Excel is- Formula Bar;
  265. Word Processing :
  266. The program used for word processing is called- package program;
  267. Key board is joined with computer like type writer for Input data;
  268. Shift key helps to write English capital letters form key board;
  269. Caps Lock is the function of display English capital letter;
  270. Auto correction is possible in English language software;
  271. The line at the top of File, Edit, View in a document is called- Title bar;
  272. G button is used for link in time of Bengali text;
  273. The weekly Anandapatra published in 1987 by Mostafa Jabbar;
  274. To delete a sentence, the command is- press delete button after selecting the sentence;
  275. Different size of characters in word processing software is called as- Font;
  276. Mail merge is- Prepare a document from two file;
  277. Move cursor is done by arrow key;
  278. Point is the unit of measure character;
  279. To select a paper size, the command is- page set up from file;
    Computer Programming :
    কম্পিউটার আদেশ নির্দেশ প্রদানের জন্য কম্পিউটার বুঝতে পারে এমন কিছু সংকেত এবং কতিপয় নিয়মকানুন ব্যবহার করে প্রোগাম তৈরী করা হয়। প্রোগ্রাম তৈরীর জন্য ব্যবহৃত সকল নিয়ম কানুন ও সংকেতগুলোকে একত্রে প্রোগ্রামের ভাষা বলে। একটি কম্পিউটার শত সহ¯্র ইলেক্ট্রনিক সুইচ সমন্বয়ে তৈরী, যার দুইটি অবস্থা OFF / ON থাকে। এদেরকে দুটি সংকেত ’১’ ও ’০’ দ্বারা প্রকাশ করা হয়। ১৯৪৫ সাল থেকে শুরু করে এ পর্যন্ত কয়েক শত প্রোগ্রামিং ল্যাঙ্গুয়েজ আবিস্কৃত হয়েছে।
  280. A series of instructions that tells a computer what to do , how do it is called- program;
  281. Chief component of first generation computer was- Vacuum Tubes and Valves;
  282. First generation programming language – Machine language;
  283. The language which is directly understood by the computer without translation program Machine language;
  284. Second generation computer was developed in during 1956 to 1965;
  285. Second generation programming language- Assembly language;
  286. The third generation programming language is High level language;
  287. Forth generation programming language- Very High level language;
  288. Fifth generation programming language- Natural language;
  289. Computer can understand human language after converting into machine language;
  290. The present time is called age of information;
  291. In industries the device is used as alternative of worker is called- Robot;
  292. Computer is not intelligent like man;
  293. Computer cannot be used to exchange of feelings;
  294. 1st Generation computer- EDSAC;
  295. 2nd Generation computer- IBM 1401;
  296. Vacuum tubes- Computers of 1st generation;
  297. Transistors instead of bulbs at first use in- Computers of 2nd generation;
  298. High level language used in- 2nd generation computer;
  299. Integrated circuit (IC) was in use in- 3rd generation computer;
  300. Micro Computers (Micro processor)- 4th Generation computer;
  301. The brain of a computer- Microprocessor;
  302. Microprocessor invented in 1971;
  303. Intel Itanum microprocessor is 128 bit;
  304. A physical connection between the microprocessor memory and other parts of themicrocomputer is known as- address bus;
  305. A basic unit of measurement for capacitors is- farad;
  306. At first Microprocessor manufactured by- Intel;
  307. Microprocessor is used for processing data;
  308. Intel 4080 was the model of the first microprocessor was marketed on November 1971;
  309. The Microprocessor 8080 was manufactured by Intel in 1974;
  310. Micro computer were first marketed by Apple company in 1976, Brand name- Apple;
  311. International Business Machine (IBM) company marketed her microcomputer in 1981;
  312. Apple company marketed her new series of microcomputer with Macintosh brand name in 1984 and earned quick popularity;
  313. The translation from heavy computers to PCs was made possible by using- microprocessor;
  314. Several lacks of transistors make a Microprocessor;
  315. There are 5 generations of computers;
  316. Fifth generation computer is still under development;
  317. Artificial intelligence is associated with- fifth generation;
  318. Super Computer- 5th generation computer;
  319. 5th generation computer is also known as Knowledge information processing system;
  320. Assembler is a software;
  321. Translator convert programming instruction into Machine language;
  322. Translator software is interpreter or compiler;
  323. Main goal of programming is satisfactory solution of problem;
  324. There are 3 types of programming language- i. Machine language, ii. Assembly language, iii. High level language;
  325. Compiler software is used to convert High Level language into Machine language;
  326. The program that used in High level language is- Source code;
  327. In a perfect program there are 4 steps- i. Identity the problem, ii. Flow chart, iii. Code, iv. Debug;
  328. When flow chart is converted into computer programming language is called- Coding;
  329. Flow chart is the pictorial form of the different steps of a program;
  330. Pseudo code used in programming, the word ‘Pseudo’ come from Greek;
  331. In programming language ‘Pseudo’ means- It is not true;
  332. When some instruction are written before using the programming language is called – Pseudo code;
  333. Boolean data type is 2 byte;
  334. Integer data type is 2 byte;
  335. The size of ‘Date’ data type = 8 byte; [each character 2 byte]
  336. Property, Event and Method are the base of a object oriented programming;
  337. A visual basic programming does have 3 mood;
  338. When controls are used on the form at the design mood visual basic programming is called Interface of program;
  339. The principal goal of a visual basic programming language is fast and easy window based program;
  340. In 3rd step coding work is done in programming;
  341. Flow chart is one of the base of programming;
  342. Coding means write program;
  343. 3 types of operators used in visual Basic program;
  344. Array- One kind of variable;
  345. DO ——— LOOP is the statement, means- repetition;
  346. The short form of Combo box- object in visual basic programming- cbo;
  347. The short form of command Button in visual Basic programming- cmd;
  348. The short form of label object in visual basic programming- lbl;
  349. The short form of Text object in visual basic program- txt
  350. Visual basic programming marketed in 1960;
  351. The program that translate program that’s written in high level language into machine language is called- Compiler;
  352. The ‘Add or remove programs’ utility can be found in- Control panel;
  353. The task of a debug program is to look into all programs to- Locate and correct errors;
  354. The process of identifying and correcting mistakes in a computer program is referred to as- Debugging [Wrong program];
  355. There are three types of errors in a program, namely- (a). Syntax error; (b). Logical error; (c). Executive error.
  356. In a computer program, the process of executing the same instructions over and over is called- Looping; Computer Network and Internet:
  357. Network can exchange data in between different companies;
  358. There are 2 types of Network in computers in context of geographical region- Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN);
  359. When computers are installed very near to each other is the Local Area Network;
  360. When all the computers are installed a long way distance or among the countries is the Wide Area Network;
  361. Wired and Wireless are the medium for making internet or network;
  362. The structure that creates network among the computers is Topology;
  363. The member of the Local Area Network is – Bus Topology, Ring Topology, Star Topology, Completely connected Topology, Delta Topology, Hybrid Topology;
  364. The function of Delta Bus among the different computers- Delta transfer;
  365. In Bus Topology does not have Host computer;
  366. In Star Topology does have Host computer;
  367. In Star Topology Host computer plays role of bridge with the terminal;
  368. The name of extended form of Star Topology is- Tree Topology;
  369. The Star Topology does not allow to transfer data directly from computer to computer;
  370. Hybrid Topology consist of Ring + Bus + completely connected Topology;
  371. Internet was popularly known to all and got its recognition in 1994;
  372. The different servers of different cities come under satellite at the beginning of 90’s;
  373. Each and every document of Internet purpose must have their won Address;
  374. Uniform Resource Location (URL) is the address of document in internet;
  375. There are 3 parts in an internet address;
  376. E-mail ঠিকানা দুইভাগে বিভক্ত;
  377. E-mail ঠিকানায় @ চিহ্ন অবশ্যই থাকে;
  378. E-mail ঠিকানার @ চিহ্নের পরের অংশ- Host domain name;
  379. E-mail ঠিকানার @ চিহ্নের আগে থাকে ব্যবহারকারীর নাম।
  380. Network এর ৎরহম সংগঠন হচ্ছে বৃত্তাকার;
  381. Wikipedia is online based free Encyclopedia;
  382. BD News 24 dot com- The first internet based news agency of Bangladesh;
  383. The first virtual news presenter- Anna nova;
  384. YouTube is a famous video sharing site;
  385. Facebook is a social networking site;
  386. Google plus- A new social networking site of Google;
  387. Account holders of Internet- Netigen;
  388. A person having the full control over the domain of computer is- an operator.
  389. The symbol must exist in an email address- @
  390. Correct syntax for a URL- anyone@abc.com
  391. In 1972, the symbol @ chosen for its use in e mail address;
  392. We use web to- (1) Send and receive e-mail, (2) Search for information.
  393. “Freeze Windows Panses” is an Excel command which helps in- Password protection;
  394. Firewall- protects a computer system from hacking & filtering Virus;
  395. A program that can copy itself and infect the computer without permission and knowledge of the owner is called- Virus;
  396. The name of structure where data move through a network is- Packets;
  397. Universal gate- NAND, NOR, EX-OR;
  398. Verification of a log in name and password is known as- Authentication;
  399. VoIP means- Voice Over Internet Protocol;
  400. The Google’s first mobile phone is- Nexus One;
    Database :
  401. Database means- Store of Information;
  402. Database management means- proper management of data;
  403. A database is a organized collection of- data or records;
  404. The system when information of different table can exchange- Relational database;
  405. A record consist of- more than one field;
  406. Part of different record is called field;
  407. Date of birth in database program is field;
  408. Show data in various way- Report;
  409. Yes/No in any program- Logical field;
  410. Database software- Oracle, Fox Pro, File maker pro.
    Application of Computer & Multimedia:
  411. Multimedia mean- many media;
  412. Graphics font is used in Lisa and Macintosh;
  413. At the end of 80’s start compose with the help of computer;
  414. Lisa is an operating system;
  415. The dynamic graphics of text in multimedia is called- Animation;
  416. Casketed letter were used during poster size paper printing;
  417. The additional advantage of Multimedia than Radio-Television are- interactivity;
  418. The single wave of sound- Mono sound;
  419. Many wave of sound- Stereo sound;
  420. There are 2 kinds of multimedia- (i) Hyper multimedia, (ii) Non linear multimedia;
  421. Hyper multimedia- Internet based;
  422. Non linear multimedia- Computer based;
  423. Multimedia development tools- Director, Hyper studio, Hyper Card, Super Card and Author;
  424. The criteria to be a multimedia programmer- know text, animation and graphics;
  425. 3 media is required for Multimedia Programming;
  426. The advantage of 3D Vacillator Card in Multimedia is- Excess memory;
  427. We can used Internet and Ethernet in multimedia;
  428. Multimedia mainly depends on Programming;
  429. Multimedia software and Internet is one of the modern teaching aid;
  430. Television program is not multimedia, because it has no- Interactivity;
  431. Nineteen century is recognized as remarkable period of Multimedia;
  432. অত্যাধুনিক কম্পিউটারের দ্রুত অগ্রগতির মূলে রয়েছে- ইন্টিগ্রেটেড সার্কিট (আইসি);
  433. কম্পিউটারের ব্রেইন হলো- Microprocessor
  434. আধুনিক কম্পিউটারের জনক বলা হয়- চার্লস ব্যাবেজ কে;
  435. কম্পিউটারের আবিস্কারক- হাওয়ার্ড অ্যইকেন;
  436. আধুনিক মুদ্রণ ব্যবস্থায় ধাতু নির্মিত অক্ষরের প্রয়োজনীয়তা শেষ হওয়ার কারণ- ফটো লিথোগ্রাফী;
  437. কম্পিউটারের সকল কার্যক্রম নিয়ন্ত্রণ করে- সেন্ট্রাল প্রসেসিং ইউনিট;
  438. কম্পিউটারের কেন্দ্রীয় পক্রিয়াকরণ অংশ গঠিত অভ্যন্তরীন স্মৃতি, গাণিতিক যুক্তি অংশ ও নিয়ন্ত্রণ অংশের সমন্বয়ে;
  439. কম্পিউটারের যন্ত্রাংশ বা যন্ত্রকে বলা হয়- হার্ডওয়্যার;
  440. কম্পিউটার পদ্ধতির দু’টি প্রধান অঙ্গ- হার্ডওয়্যার ও সফটওয়্যার।
  441. কম্পিউটারের সমস্যা সমাধানের উদ্দেশ্যে সম্পাদনের অনুক্রমে সাজানো নির্দেশাবলীকে বলা হয়- প্রোগ্রাম;
  442. কম্পিউটার ভাইরাস হলো একটি ক্ষতিকারক প্রোগ্রাম বা সফটওয়্যার।
  443. ইন্টারনেটের মাধ্যমে উনড়বত চিকিৎসা পদ্ধতিকে বলা হয়- টেলিমেডিসিন;
  444. নাফিস বিন সাত্তার- বাংলাদেশী সফটওয়্যার ইঞ্জিনিয়ার ২০০৭ সালে অস্কার পুরস্কার অর্জন করেন;
  445. কম্পিউটারের সফটওয়্যার বলতে বুঝায় এর প্রোগ্রাম বা কর্মপরিকল্পনা কৌশল;
  446. মেশিনের ভাষায় লিখিত প্রোগ্রামকে বলা হয়- এসেম্বলি;
  447. প্রোগ্রাম রচনা সবচেয়ে কঠিন মেশিনের ভাষায়;
  448. বিশ্বব্যাপী বিপর্যয় সৃষ্টিকারী সিআইএইচ (চেং-ইয়ং-হো) ভাইরাস ২৬ এপ্রিল ১৯৯৯ তারিখে আμমণ করে।
  449. তারবিহীন দ্রুতগতির ইন্টারনেট সংযোগের জন্য উপযোগী- ওয়াইম্যাক্স;
  450. ঠঝঅঞ প্রযুক্তি ভূ-পৃষ্ঠ হতে স্যাটেলাইটে যোগাযোগ করার জন্য ব্যবহার করা হয়;
  451. প্রথম ল্যাপটপ কম্পিউটার- এপসন, ১৯৮২;
  452. পুনরাবৃত্তিমূলক কাজে কম্পিউটার বেশি সুবিধাজনক;
  453. কম্পিউটারের ক্ষেত্রে তথ্য পরিবহনের জন্য পরিবাহী পথকে বলা হয়- বাস;
  454. উপাত্ত গ্রহণ ও নির্গমণ বাসের নাম ডেটাবেস;
  455. ওরাকল- একটি ডেটাবেস সফটওয়্যার;
  456. ডেটাবেস সফটওয়্যার এর জন্মতারিখ হলো একটি ফিল্ড;
  457. শিক্ষার্থীরা সহজে আয়ত্ত করতে পারে ইঅঝওঈ প্রোগ্রাম;
  458. System softwareথাকে Startup disc G
  459. পাওয়ার অপেন- একটি অপারেটিং সিস্টেম;
  460. প্রম সফল কম্পিউটার বাজারে আসে ১৯৭৬ সালে।
  461. কম্পিউটারের কোন বুদ্ধি বিবেচনা নেই;
  462. কম্পিউটার ভাইরাস হলো একটি ক্ষতিকারক প্রোগ্রাম বা সফটওয়্যার।
  463. মেকিনটোশ কম্পিউটারের সাহায্যে পৃথিবীর সব ভাষা ব্যবহারের প্র ম সুযোগ আসে;
  464. কমপ্লেক্স কম্পিউটারের নক্সা তৈরী করেন- ড. স্টিবিজ;
  465. ইউনিক্স অপারেটিং সিস্টেমে দুইশ’র অধিক কমান্ড ব্যবহার করতে হয়;
  466. মেশিন ল্যাঙ্গুয়েজ দুইটি সংকেত সমন্বয়ে গঠিত;
  467. প্রাচীন ব্যাবিলনে গণনার পদ্ধতি ছিল ২ ধরনের;
  468. হেক্সাডেসিমেল গণনার মৌলিক অংশ ১৬টি;
  469. বিশ্বের প্রম ওয়েব ব্রাউজার- মোজাইক;
  470. প্র ম কম্পিউটার প্রোগ্রামিং ল্যাঙ্গুয়েজ- ফরট্রান;
  471. লিনাক্স অপারেটিং সিস্টেমের জনক- ট্যাভেলড লিনাক্স;
  472. পৃথিবীর প্র ম স্বয়ংμিয় গণনার যন্ত্র- মার্ক ১; যন্ত্রটি লম্বায় ছিল ৫১ ফুট দৈর্ঘ্য:
  473. সবচেয়ে দ্রুতগতিসম্পনড়ব টেপ- ম্যাগনেটিক টেপ;
  474. ইন্টারপ্রেটার- অনুবাদক প্রোগ্রাম;
  475. কম্পিউটার নেটওয়ার্ক তিন ধরনের- খঅঘ, গঅঘ, ডঅঘ;
  476. কম্পিউটারে দেয়া অপ্রয়োজনীয় ইনফরমেশনকে বলা হয়- এরননবৎরংয;
  477. ঋষধংয সড়ারব তে তিন ধরনের ংুসনড়ষ ব্যবহার করা হয়।
  478. চযড়ঃড়ংযড়ঢ় এ এ্যাংকর পয়েন্ট ৫ প্রকার;
  479. তথ্য প্রযুক্তি একটি সমন্বিত প্রযুক্তি;
  480. বাংলাদেশে অনলাইন ইন্টারনেট সেবা চালু হয়- ৪ জুন, ১৯৯৬ তারিখে;
  481. বিশ্বের প্রম কম্পিউটার নেটওয়ার্ক আরপানেট চালু হয় ১৯৬৯ সালে;
  482. কম্পিউটার নেটওয়ার্কের বর্তমান পরিচিতি ইন্টারনেট চালু হয় ১৯৯৪ সালে।
  483. প্রম কম্পিউটার প্রোগ্রামার- লেডি অ্যডা অসাস্টা বায়রন (কবি লর্ড অ্যডা বায়রনের কন্যা);
  484. ম্যাক্সেমিডিয়া ফ্লাশ- একটি এনিমেশন সফটওয়্যার;
  485. স্কোটিয়া- রাশিয়ার অ্যবাকাস
  486. সরোবর্ণ- জাপানের অ্যবাকাস;
  487. ক্যলকুলেটরের সর্বেচ্চ ক্ষমতা প্রোগ্রামিং করা;
  488. কী বোর্ডে ফাংশনাল কী ১২টি;
  489. কম্পিউটারের সুইচ অন করার সাথে সাথে RAM এর জায়গার পরিমাণ পরীক্ষা করে operating system
  490. Ok এবং Cancel অথবা Close বোতাম থাকে Dialogue Boxএ;
  491. বর্ণভিত্তিক অপারেটিং সিস্টেম DOS, UNIX
  492. Visual Basicএ দুই ধরনের ধ্রুবক থাকে;
  493. Visual Basic এর Project এ ব্যবহৃত Object- Procedure
  494. E-mail ঠিকানার ডোমেন নামের সর্বশেষ অংশকে বলা হয় Top Level Domain (TLD)
  495. LAN Ges LAN Topology- BUS, STAR, RING;
  496. Flash প্রোগ্রামের ভিত্তি Timeline;
  497. সুইজারল্যান্ডের বিজ্ঞানীগণ www ব্যবস্থাটি উদ্ভাবন করেন ১৯৯১ সালে;
  498. ১৯৯৩ সালে প্রথম আবিস্কৃত ব্রাউজারের নাম মোজাইক, আবিস্কারক- মার্ক এড্রিসন;
  499. ইন্টারনেট লিংক থেকে লিংকে গমণ করাকে বলা হয় লগ ইন;
  500. Dial up internet connectionএ টেলিফোন লাইন প্রয়োজন;
  501. টেলিফোন আবিস্কৃত হয় আলেকজান্ডার গ্রাহাম বেল কর্তৃক ১৭৮৬ সালে।
  502. Zoom out—image ছোট করা;
  503. Gray scale ইমেজকে সাদা-কালোতে রূপান্তরিত করা যায় Threshold কমান্ড;
  504. বাংলাদেশে ইন্টারনেট সেবাদানকারী প্রতিষ্ঠান- প্রশিকানেট, গ্রামীণ সাইবার নেট, বাংলাদেশ অনলাইন;
  505. সর্বপ্রম ফটোশপ ব্যবহার হয় Apple Macintosh কম্পিউটারে;

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