"ACCA Professional Degree"

ACCA Professional Degree

"ACCA Professional Degree"ACCA or The association of chartered certified account which is a business studies especially one of the greatest professional degrees of Account. Moreover 100 years ACCA help us to build up powerful manpower about the subject of Accounts, Finance and Management. In a sentence the degree of Business which is one of the greatest degree in the world. For the professional degree of ACCA the young generation of our country are so inclination .Many countries of the world have much popularity the degree of ACCA. In our country also have job facilities who gathered the professional degree.

What is ACCA?

ACCA which is honorable degree of the world. The most importance of the degree is that it’s a Global Degree. You can read it and also get the exam everywhere of the world. Have a agreement with OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY for this reason they get degree on graduation, BBA or graduate and MBA so easily. ACCA which is professional degree in Bangladesh like CA and ICMA.

Present and future of ACCA 

The currency of ACCA qualified members and the education(ACCA) was started 2000 in Bangladesh but in England it was started in 1904.The students of our country are going to proceed of this job like others country and some of them are already members of ACCA. In Bangladesh have ACCA’S local office which is ACCA COUNTRY OFFICE OF BANGLADESH. If anybody wants to take this professional degree, have some institute for them.

ACCA The degree in your hand

ACCA, have eighty(80th)local institute by which they get the direction of students. They take the exam by 360 academic institutes all over 160 countries. For this reason the students get the benefits to get the exam in their own country. You can read it willingly in native country and foreign country. Where ever the course becomes occurred the question and exam all are superintendence by England’s ACCA. Certificate comes from the institute (England) and the demands of it are equal everywhere. British Council takes the exam of ACCA.

Professional Degree Presentation of ACCA

We get two degree from ACCA one is Certified Accounting Technical (CAT). It helps the student to make exist in Accounts. In the work field the students can use their knowledge and experience which they gathered from the ACCA. In total have to study in nine subject and also have ACCA which course is must be done. You also can say it that ACCA is the nest step of CAT. Through the course a student be able to use his experience as like a Chartered Accounts and increasing his moral power. After complete the CAT if anybody want to complete gather the professional degree then he gets the liberation in the opening of three subjects. To become a members of ACCA have to pass fourteen subjects and also gather three years real experience. Someone also can study in Diploma in Accounting & Business, Advance Diploma in Accounting and Business, B.Sc Hon’s in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. MBA from Oxford Brookes University , Chartered Accountancy.

Educational Qualification

The students who complete “O” and “A” label who can admit straightly in ACCA. If anyone wants to admit in CAT he must be passed SSC and HSC. Other way if anyone is interested to admit in ACCA his age should be under 21, on the other hand less than 16 years is approval for CAT. The person who complete CA, CMA and also engaged in Accounting professional, they must be study in nine subjects not more. On the other hands those person who complete graduation in Account and Finance may be liberation from four subjects.

ACCA Job Sector

In Bangladesh after complete BBA and MBA naturally the jobs what we get same as or on the other hand after complete ACCA we get better opportunity for getting a suitable job. In the working field ACCA build up professional mind and have a big space for job. The students of ACCA are going to better in Multinational companies, native and foreign countries and other sectors. So have a lot of facilities to get job in abroad.

Where and how do you read?

  • Web site: www.acaglobal.com. All kind of information you will get here.
  • ACCA, CAT both courses you can admit whole years but in December if anyone get exam have to admit within 15 August. On the other hand if anyone want to admit in 31 December must be admit in last year of 31 December.
  • Any time of the year anyone get exam four subjects of CAT and three subjects of ACCA.

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