Admission Circular of IBA, Rajshahi University

IBA, Rajshahi UniversityInstitute of Business Administration # IBA
Rajshahi University (RU)

Admission Test circular of IBA, Rajshahi University for the year 2017

All applicants (except foreign students) will be required to appear at an admission test which is administered by IBA in Rajshahi. The applicant’s aptitude will be tasted in the following three areas:

1. English language and communication.
2. Analytical ability.
3. Basics of science/ basics of business/ basics of humanities.

However, the academic committee of the institute will decide the areas where the applicant’s aptitude will be tasted. To qualify in the admission test, an applicant must obtain minimum qualifying marks in each area.

2 months ago, our director sir of IBA said to us in our class that this year the admission test of IBA will be held separately in unit J.

Unit: J

Total seat: 50 (commerce 25, noncommerce 25) (C30&N20 were in last year but admitted C48&N2)

MCQ: 100 numbers

Pass marks: 40

Question: English 50 numbers, others 50 numbers
Version: English as well as bangla

Application fees: 275

Eligibility to apply: humanities (3+3) 7, business (3.5+3.5) 7.5, science (3.5+3.5) 8

Second time: yes

Cost: around 1,00,000 to complete BBA program. (registration fees 1st semester 14200, 2nd semester 9200, 3rd 9200,…. 8th 9200)

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