Bank Interview Questions – why do you want to join in Bank or Bangladesh Bank?

Bank Interview Questions answerThis is a very common question in the interview board but the applicants getting confused how they will provide very good answers regarding this questions why do you want to join in Bank? That’s why we are writing about bank interview questions and answers for the bank job seeker. Check below the answers of bank interview questions answer.

The Answer is – 

I have chosen Bangladesh Bank because it is the apex monetary authority of Bangladesh. It is also a suitable place to create innovative environment. Being a central bank, Bangladesh Bank is not involved in conventional commercial banking. It is actually doing the work of policy making and regulating banking system and I want to be a policymaker.

Besides, banking sector is a respected and promising sector in Bangladesh. There are a lot of opportunities for building up career. Besides, it ensures financial solvency. So, if I get the job, it will upgrade my social position and ensure a smooth life. Moreover, I have passion about banking job from my student life. So, I am trying to get one.

That is why I have come to attend the interview today. I think I am fit for the central bank job because I have extracurricular activities, analytical ability, communication skills and knowledge in ICT and so on.

  • Banking sector is now one of the fastest growing sectors in Bangladesh and this sector is helping greatly in our socioeconomic development. Bank job is more secured in any category of private job and it has social recognition. Besides, banks pay handsome salaries than any other sector. So, I am interested to join in bank.
  • Banking and finance is a good path to follow as I want to work in a traditional corporate structure at a large business. In Bangladesh, banking sector is one of the stable industries where one can grow career smoothly. Besides, I have an interest in the financial sector. I think job in a bank will meet my career goal and
  • I have always seen the potential in the banking sector. During any recession or economic slowdown, banks have always topped the chart in regular business with no downfall. It has also a great career development potential that no other industry can provide.
  • Bank is the pillar of our economy. The soundness of our economy depends on the performance of the banking sector. So, it is a huge opportunity for me to contribute in our national economy. Besides, the banking sector has good career growth with attractive salary growth.
  • My aim is to be a part of our government. So, if I get the job in Bangladesh Bank I will not try for another one. Otherwise, I will continue my search for a suitable job. I don’t like the idea of switching jobs. For this reason, I have not even engaged myself in any private job. I prefer waiting for a stable respectable job.

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