Be confident with your goal, to become successful…..!!!

"Be confident with your goal"Everyone want to be successful, to become successful confidence is the big things with his/her goals or objectives and need to clear about that. We discussed with Don Mackle about that matter. What is the secret thing to become successful?

“Going forward with honest goal is called leadership. Leader always find out the honest goal. As a leader he/she should know the future and understand the present situation. When a leader become confident with his/her goal and implement this in the real act then human are inspire to work with him to implement this goal.” Said that Don Mackle, International Information Program Coordinator of USA Foreign Affairs Department.

Some days ago Don Mackle was came in to Bangladesh to conduct and inaugurate the Dhanmondi Adward Canedy Center. She discussed with potential young entrepreneur through various program. After hearing she told us how to become an entrepreneur? She shared with us her experience.

In 1981 after the completion of his study about journalism, Don Mackle joined with Television Networking Company at Atlanta, Georgia. She worked in Small business of the Jimmy Carter administration and different places of mass media. In 1999 – 2007 she worked in Discovery Network International. Also Don Mackle was member of managing committee of the famous television. Industry Trade Publication published 20th Powerful person of success manager of television, she is among of them. She said that, I always want to work in television. For that reason from the beginning of my career I work in this sector successfully and I utilized all of my opportunities, I increased my network and I gave attention in a certain place of this sector. We aspect many things – want to get it, want to achieve it. But here need to utilize my entire attempt to possible it in the realistic life. Most important thing is increasing network. By this way will create relation with every stages people.

We want to know from her, what are the techniques to be entrepreneur for young generation? Now in our country it’s really tough to become an entrepreneur by overcome all opposite and political impediment. How we can overcome it?

Don Mackle said that, need to believe your power. To understand the society, where you want to contribute, want to huge change. You have to feel which side of the society you will take the lead. By this way you will find yourself. Then you will find who the thinking like you is. Then go ahead with them. Let them know why you are passionate to change this sector. Focus your logic in front of them. Take minimum time, tell this organically, and increase your network. Choose your area and beside this area then town and whole country. You will be successful. Success will lead you to get the big success.

When I joined the Discovery Networks International, this was the small institute. May be I was the 47th employee of this institute. In 2007 when I leave the president post of this institute, that was the 5000 employee. Need steady leadership to lead from a small institute to a big institute. That time I learned the leadership techniques. How lead the all people to achieve my goal. I won’t tell for changed this, our attempt was easy or tough. I will tell need lot of things to become success, essential right knowledge about this subject. Which will helps us to create new techniques to become successful.

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