Benefits of positivity

"Benefits of positivity"Shohel Ahmed , two years already gone after complete his study in University. Now he is looking for job but can’t get a job. For this reason negative concept is creation in his mind. The bed effect is like that when he is going to interview board, his concept fall in negative sense about the job. For this reason he could not take the proper preparation for the job. Day by day frustration eclipses him.

On the other hand Belal’s situation is totally different. When Hasan’s study was running on he faced to interview in the Bank and life insurance companies. Then he got the job in the bank. Here only the positive sense gets him success. Both character may be emblem but not rare. For the “Positive sense” a difficult work becomes easier to us as like a easy work become more hard for the “negative sense”. So have to think ourselves. How can we carry on and foster the positive sense? Let’s go to know about “Positive sense”..

Think positive, be positive

Think positive, be positive- in the personal life , we couldn’t obey the important sentence but we get the advise someone or somebody from in our heart and soul. Whatever you say in personal or active place if you practice in positive sense success must be touch you and confident will be reach in high position. The people who carry on positive sense they can achieve banner of victory so easily behind the others. A question may be arising how can we practice positive sense? What we think or carry on in our mind which express our outwardly gesture. CONFIDENT is the first element of positive sense? Your personal foundation of faintness can strong your confidence so strong. All kinds of difficult work will be so easy If you can justify your confident level otherwise miss guided will destroy your life.

Extended your angle of vision

The classification of human being which teach us that people’s angle of vision become positive and negative. Human being can’t change their sense by themselves. Nature, education and experience all are influence of man’s anxiety of universe. To making angle of vision all elements have important role. If anyone pass most of the time in horrible situation his/her mentality will be build up like that. On the other side natural situation, the character will be different from that one. But it’s true that anxiety of universe must be change. As a example the history of “Dossu Rathnakar”. Just the once by the accompanying of sainted, he introduce with positive sense and keep it in his mind. Rest of life he sacrifice his life for the nursing of God. We got a lot of example like this who pass a lot time in negative sense but accompanying of good person and environment changed their behavior. So to bring on negative sense social media is important elements but if you stretched out of your vision, it will be so easy to abstain from negative sense.

Choose your aim

Every human being have his own intends aim. Where he will go, which way he will chose and also has what is the aim of his life? He makes his life intermittent by accepted wisdom the following question. Somebody reach their target and others fall in from the roadway. Without aspire life is uncertain. Have a beautiful narration about this subject. A person who is walking along the road. Suddenly he stands by on crossing where four roads meet. In that moment he saw that a person is coming to him. Then he asked him where the four roads will be finish. Then the gentle man asked him where do you want to go? Then the traveler gave the answer unalterably, I don’t know. Then the gentle man said that you might be following any one of them because all are equal.

So if you think like that your aim will be destroyed and have to face a lot problem in your life.

So think positive, be positive


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