VAT on Education, Govt. of Bangladesh Discourages Higher Education

Recently Govt. of Bangladesh announces students have to pay VAT on their tuition fees those students are studies at private universities. Govt. set 7.5% VAT on their tuition fees. Actually now private universities provide tertiary education to the people whereas Read more

"Nobel Prize"

Nobel Prize in Literature Facts

Alfred Nobel signed a will and a testament to giving the series of prizes “the Nobel Prizes” on 27 November 1895. Total Number of Nobel Prizes in Literature Total 106 Nobel Prizes have been awarded in Literature from 1901 – Read more

"Study Choice Weapons Engineering"

Study Choice Weapons Engineering

Weapons Engineer Weapons Orchestrate is very similar to another business for which we acquire a congested strikingness. Mark out our swarming salience for: Commercial and industrial designers unremarkably transmute nearly with a ambit of specialists including engineers, materials scientists, marketing Read more