Computer Related Various Important Terms

"Computer Related Various Terms "Here you will get the various terms to know about the computer well. Which will help you to pass the competitive examinations. Now a days Bank job is the white elephant to the students. To give the successful answer of the computer section you can follow these terms which is given below:

Optical Fiber: A fine, flexible, transparent fiber of glass or plastic, used to transmit data.

Platform: An operating system such as MS-DOS or OS/2 or a graphics interface such as Windows under which program runs.

Processing: The manipulation of data by a computer.

Program: A set of directions that instruct the computer in the performance of a task.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): A sophisticated backup power supply that automatically furnishes battery power to a computer system when the primary power source is interrupted, permitting continued operation or an orderly shut-down.

Voice Mail: A type of E-mail in which voice messages are stored as digital data. or A centralized electronic system that can store messages from telephone callers.

Applications: Applications are the programs designed to perform those tasks that make the computer truly useful. Application packages fall into a number of categories, such as:

  • Desktop publishing
  • Database programs
  • Integrated Software
  • Communications
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Paint and Draw Programs
  • Multimedia programs

Database Programs: A database is a collection of information contained in records that are made up of fields that each contain a specific item of information.

Absolute Value: The value of a number without regard to its sign; most often used in spreadsheet or database formula when the result of a calculation that may be positive or negative needs to be converted to a positive number for additional calculation.

Abstract: To briefly summarize or compile; the summary of compilation so created.

Architecture: The design of a computer that defines such things as type of processor, transfer speed, bus size etc.

Ascending sort: An alphabetical or numerical arrangement that progresses from lowest to highest.

Assemble: To translate or convert computer program instructions from an ‘artificial language or programming language’ into machine language that can be understood directly by the computer.

Assembler: A type of program that translates a programming language into simple instructions that are understood directly by the computer.

Automatic: A reference to process and devices that operate without further human involvement once the procedure has been established.

IIG: International Internet Gateway.

NIX: National Internet Exchange.

Benchmark: A standard by which computers, computer chips, programs, peripherals, etc. can be measured or compared.

Boolean Logic: A logic system based on return of one of two variables, as true or false, yes or no. Boolean logic utilizes operators such as AND, OR, NOT, IF and THEN.

Boot: To initialize a computer by powering it up and loading its operating system.

Bulletin Board Service: A message center that is accessed by computer users via telephone data lines for the exchange of information, computer files. etc.

Bundled: Descriptive of computer hardware and software sold together as a package.

Business Application: A program designed for business use, such as for payroll or inventory control.


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