Know Direction of Communication to Increase Communication Skills

Communication is the most significant term in our daily life. Communication need in every sphere of human life. In the time of talking to others as it is happens in business, in education, in family, in friends circles and so on. That’s why we need to know direction of communication which i describing below with the edge of easy understanding.

By knowing the direction of communication you can increase the communication skills and can implement this knowledge in your family, business, education and so on to share your thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions.

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Direction of Communication

6 types of communication direction i am giving below –

  1. Downward communication
  2. Upward communication
  3. Horizontal communication
  4. Vertical communication
  5. Diagonal communication
  6. Cross-channel communication

Today here i will discuss about upward and downward communication. Which are first phase of direction of communication. After that i will discuss next day about rest of the techniques of direction of communication.

At first i am acknowledging to you about downward communication. Check below with your jaundiced eye.

Objectives of Downward communication

The main fact about downward communication is given below. Why and which moment you need downward direction of communication those are given below –

  • To direct
  • To interpret
  • To evaluate
  • To distribute work
  • To encourage
  • To inform job rationale
  • To inform job significance

Media / Techniques of Downward communication

How downward direction of communication happening these terms are given below –

  • Letter
  • Manual /circular
  • Bulletin
  • Poster
  • Annual report
  • Company periodical
  • Employee hand book
  • Memo

Merits or Advantages of Downward communication

  • To increase efficiency
  • To maintain good relation
  • To maintain discipline
  • No bypassing
  • To facilitate delegation of authority
  • To inform
  • Facilitate interpretation

Disadvantages of Downward communication

Pros and cons are present everywhere. Where downward communication having advantages on the other hand having some disadvantages which are given below –

  • Under communication
  • Delay process
  • Loss of information
  • Distortion
  • Resentment
  • Low morale
  • Suspicion
  • More emphasis on bosses’ interest
  • Low efficiency

Upward communication

Now i am going to describe upward communication. Where downward communication is important as well as upward communication also important things in our life. Which we can implement in our business, family, friends circles, education and also in others fields.

Media / Techniques of Upward communication

All the moments communication needs media or via to transform messages. where upward direction of communication also have media and techniques to transform messages, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and so on. Which are given below –

  • Memos
  • Reports
  • Complain and suggestion boxes
  • Open door policy
  • Direct corresponding
  • Counseling
  • Social gathering
  • Special meeting
  • Questionnaires & surveys

Merits / Advantages of Upward communication

In which field upward direction of communication will help i am just sort outing those field to get help from my content. Check below to get it –

  • Decision making
  • Giving feedback
  • Providing counseling
  • Motivation
  • Maintain good relation
  • Developing creativity
  • Knowing employee attitude

Disadvantages of Upward Communication

Also few barriers are present here in the case of upward communication which are given below –

  • Fear
  • Initiative
  • Distortion
  • By passing
  • Flattery

Hope so this content will help you to understand upward and downward communication. Where i tried to describe with the ease of understand about upward and downward direction of communication.

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