Effective Speaking Techniques

Effective Speaking TechniquesSpeaking is the most important and preliminary stage to make best introduction about a guys. If people can create a good vibration at first stage about them then rest of the stage become easy to make brief description. To make best presentation need to effective speaking techniques which definitely reach you on e step ahead of your dream. Actually this part mostly important for public speaker who makes crowd by their creative and effective speaking techniques or method.

Below you will get techniques about effective speaking –

Control Emotions, but make an Emotional Speech

  • What comes from the heart goes to heart.
  • Every human being is full of emotions. But an effective speaker cann’t afford to be carried away by his own emotions.
  • On the other hand, while exercising poise and maintaining composure, he can stir up his audience to action.
  • His job is not just to inform but also to convince and influence his audience. That is how many speeches become memorable.

Share Significant Experience or Expertise with Audience

  • This will not only give a personal touch to the speech, but also confidence to the speaker and comfort to the listeners.
  • It will make the audience feel important to the speaker.

Facts and Figures are not enough –

  • If facts and figures had been enough there would have been no speeches
  • Anybody can have access to facts and figures
  • They can just be circulated or blandly stated
  • They are just like a skeleton. It is the imaginative and effective use of language in a speech / writing that breathes life into that skeleton and supplies it with flesh and blood.
  • Many great entrepreneurs, chairpersons, statesmen and scholar are known for their oratory that stems from their command over language.

Be Enthusiastic –

  • Making an effective speech is not just a matter of doing a duty performing a ritual.
  • One has to get into the spirit of the occasion with enthusiasm and keen interest.
  • No one likes to listen to a dull or monotonous speaker. But an enthusiastic speaker gets an immediate response.
  • Enthusiasm is contagious

Mind Non-verbal Language –

  • Effective use of gestures is a necessary component of a speech whether prepared or impromptu.
  • Eye contact is indispensable
  • Anybody aspiring to be a good speaker, also, keeps training himself in voice modulation, use proper word stress and gestures.

Be Brief –

  • Excessive information does not mean than one can go on rambling or going into unnecessary details.
  • Quantity of information and quality of speech.
  • All that id superfluous must be cut out in order to make the speech concise.
  • Every word we speak is valuable and there are no words to waste.
  • Be informal; informality creates nearness.
  • The occasion may be formal but the speaker must strive to give his speech a personal touch. Establish rapport with audience.
  • Create an impression that will last.

Enrich Mental Equipment –

  • Be a learned / well informed person.
  • As the Greek proverb says, “Out of nothing, nothing comes”.
  • So, we must remember that for every occasion, and for every kind of speech, the best armament is a well stocked mind – a mind stocked / equipped with all kinds of information / facts / figures / general awareness / readings in literature and philosophy, current affairs, economic and political developments, new advancements in science and technology, emergence of new business organizations and so on.
  • Having the right kind of information for the right moment.

Cultivate Effortless Grace and Naturalness –

  • Many things – smiling, going to sleep or behaving unaffectedly are done worst when we try hardest to do them.
  • A cultured person moves and speaks with grace and sounds natural.
  • When face-to-face with a large, selected audience, it is quite natural to be conscious, perhaps over conscious, and for the moment, to find it difficult to be natural.
  • Devise own ways to look, move and speak with grace.
  • Practicing to speak in front of a mirror.
  • Find a popular anchor / personality and emulate his/her style.

Furnish Concrete Details –

  • Many speakers spoil their speeches by talking in abstractions.
  • Make speech vivid by furnishing details and actual experiences to capture the attention of the audience.
  • Such attention to speech makes it ‘full of life’ which is the literal meaning of the word ‘vivid’.
  • Make his speech lively and brilliant with eye-catching details. humorous anecdotes, relevant examples and enthusiastic eye to eye contact with the audience.

Be clear and organized –

  • Answer 5 X Ws and H, the speech will automatically turn out to be clear and effective.
  • Clarity is the very life of all speech and writing
  • No listener / reader likes to be caught up in a jumble of confused thinking.
  • Mental training an logical thinking that come from all good education.
  • Especially in the world of business, clarity of thought is the greatest asset.
  • All powerful speakers religiously stick to the principle – “Be Clear”.

Be Simple –

  • From clarity of thought emerges simplicity
  • Simpler the language the greater is appeal.
  • A really effective speaker is one who can explain the most difficult or complex matter in the simplest language to a layman.
  • No audience likes to listen jargon. They can be patient only with the simplest language.

Hopefully each guys will get Effective Speaking Techniques with great ideas and brief description of points.

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