How to conduct an interview by an interviewee

Interview, the most important moment for the job seeker. Here you will get the ideas about a interviewee what should do and what shouldn’t?

Be prepared for the interview

Just as the interviewer has to plan out the event in advance, so has the interviewee to be prepared for it. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Have a presentable appearance

  • Everybody appreciates a pleasant personality.
  • As in the case of a presentation, so in an interview, the concerned person’s appearance is a part of the message.

Show interest by making effective use of body language

  • Eye contact with the interviewer cause to be visible, interviewee exactly interested in the event and keen to attend in it.
  • Sit in a correct, confident posture, straight, balanced and not stiff in the chair offered.
  • Hands be neatly locked in lap or comfortable placed

Question should be answered correctly and completely

  • Since the primary aim of an interview is to exchange information it should be done effectively
  • If the interviewee is not clear about a suitable answer to a question, there is no harm in admitting it.
  • One must never try to bluff. Be honest.

Be polite

  • Politeness is indispensable in every situation.

Avoid talking too much

  • Avoid making boastful statement. The interviewer is intelligent enough to find out the interviewee’s intelligence and suitability for the job.

Avoid criticism

  • Do not criticize the previous employer or anybody else
  • Negative statement are looked down upon

Do not forget to thank the interviewers

  • For having spared time for you
  • Granting an interview is indeed a favor.

Do not hesitate to ask

  • Any question to search clarification regarding the organization profile, service conditions etc.
  • It will not only satisfy your curiosity but also give the interviewer an idea of your confidence and interest in the organization. But only towards the end of the interview and when you feel you are likely to get the job.
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