Is education system is the responsible to create huge unemployment in Bangladesh

unemployment in BangladeshAt present unemployment problem is fatal in Bangladesh. Thousands of people are now out of work in our country. I do not agree that the education system is only responsible for the creation of huge unemployment in Bangladesh, but this is one of the major reasons. Many of the causes are responsible behind this unemployment problem of our young generation.

Firstly, present education system is mainly responsible for this unemployment problem. We just educate our people in a common sense that is why they are finally educated for certificate seeking. They do not want to learn but eager to get their certificate to get in a job. They just memorize the lesson; do not think of the topics why this topic is introduced for the course. It is not only their mistake but also our education system that is responsible.

There is no creativity in our educational system. The questions are designed with tritely that is traditional. If anyone can memorize last five years questions he must make a good result. So why he will go to study a lot in this subject, Is not it?Otherwise, the attitude of our average student is also responsible for this stupid matter. They have a false sense of dignity and prestige in being a officer. They think that service is more honorable than any other works. So most of the student runs behind job after completing their education life. Make a hazard situation in this sector.

Last but not least, the lake of working place is responsible for the unemployment. Our government create some working sector, but it is not sufficient to our present educate population. Present civilization is depends on science. But our education is no more modern science that runs the civilization.

Science is changing day by day. But there is no change in our educational syllabus. The syllabus is constant for many years. As example I can say a book published in this year will may not be change many years. We cannot attract our young student to science, for this day by day the rate of science student is decreasing in significant rate. As a result, other countries are going ahead taking advantage of science. But we remain behind for many years.

So, our education system must be changed to make our people employed. We must change our syllabus system; the session jam should completely vanish. We have to introduce technical education, we emphasize on the computer sector.

Finally, we can say that, if you can trained our people in various course in computer they will not be burden to our country, if they do not get job in our country they can work as freelancer in menu international organization like upwork, freelancer, Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate etc. student must change their attitude and must run to creative learning.


Courtesy: Rubel Chowdhury 

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