Is the service provided by ENA TRANSPORT (PVT) LTD. really well???

ENA TRANSPORTDoes only speeding up means that it is Providing a good service???

I am a Nepali student studying MS in Bangladesh Agricultural University.
On wednesday (30/08/2017) I was going to Dhaka in Ena bus from Maskanda, Mymensingh. The bus left from Maskanda at 5:45 am. At that time I was feeling comfortable, but bofore Trishal, I was feeling pissed (wanted to piss). I told the supervisor to stop somewhere on the way. He told me ok. Trishal, Valuka both passed, Gazipur chaurasta came but they didn’t stop the bus. I went to the driver and told him. He told that he would call me. After sometime,the assistant called me. I sat on the engine cover (bunnet). After some time, I saw a toilet in a petrol pump (fuel station). I told the driver that there is a toilet, so stop here. I would just go and come. He told me that he would wait for me in front. I went running to the toilet and came out running from the toilet but when I went front I couldn’t see the bus.After running some more distances, I saw the bus was moving slowly forward. I ran hoping that I might catch the bus. It was not very fast. But I couldn’t. Perhaps I had run for nearly one and half kilometre. My passport, some money and important documents were left in the bag.

Then I saw another Ena bus coming from behind. I signalled to stop but it didn’t. Then I follwed the second Ena bus by a local bus. The second Ena bus (bus no 5354) was in jam. I got out of the local bus and ran upto that bus. After several request, they opened the door. I explained the matter to them. The supervisor of that bus gave me Mymenssingh and Mohakali counter number. No one was receiving the phone. Later Mohakali counter people received the phone. I told them that my bag was left in the earlier bus. He asked bus no. but i didn’t know it.

When I reached Mohakali bus station, the bus in which i had ridden earlier was parking. I got into the bus and asked the driver why did he do so. You told me to go to toilet and didn’t wait for me. Then he asked me in return where I had gone. When I said that it was not good, he said me, “amar matha nasta karo na” (don’t mess my mind). The supervisor wasn’t present in the bus when I reached there. Instead of telling that sorry, we couldn’t wait for you, here is your bag. He was telling me “matha nasta karo na”. I got out of the bus and took the bus no. It was 14-5937.

Then I went to the counter (Mohakali) talked with the manager Mr Ujwal. I told him the whole incidence. He then told me that it was my fault. I should have pissed before riding in the bus. I accepted yes, ok that is my mistake but whatever your staffs did, was that good? He told me to go and then didn’t wait for me. If he couldn’t wait for me he should have told me clearly that he can’t wait for me, he doesn’t have time. You take your bag and come in another bus. I would have thought and managed in my own way. But telling the passengers to go and not waiting for them is cheating. When I told him these things, he said that I had to tell the driver clearly how much time I would need for pissing (2 min, 3 min, 5 min). I was so surprised. Then I told him that do I need to tell the driver how much time will i need for Pissing, Can’t he understand how much time will it take for pissing. HAVE I COME FROM ANOTHER PLANET THAT IT WOULD TAKE 5 MIN OR 10 MIN FOR ME TO PISS??

I told him that the service of Ena bus is bettter but you have to consider some emergency conditions. What ever they (bus staffs) did with me that day was not good. They should have waited for me or told me clealrly that they couldn’t wait. Then Mr Ujwal told me that whatever they had done was right. They can’t wait for every passanger. Some passangers might have one problem and some might have another. If we see the problem of all, we cannot run our business. I agreed with him Yes you are right, you cannot see the problem of every passangers but you have to consider the unavoidable circumstances (emergency situations). He also told me that the passangers scold them when another bus over takes thier bus. Ok fine. The passangers scold you when your bus is overtaken by another bus. What would you do if your bus breaks down ( nasta/kharab woye jaye) on the way? Would you die then? These are machinery things and you cannot guarantee what may happen. You cannot guarantee that you can reach Dhaka from Mymensingh in 2 hrs or 3 hrs. So Why do you need to hurry so much?

In the same bus in morning, in Mymensingh, one lady was sitting and she had a baby boy of nearly 7-8 years old. The bus was almost empty. Only 10 people were in the bus. A person perhaps from counter got into the bus, counted the no. of people and then told the lady to take the baby in her lap. If you keep him in seat, you have to pay for him also. Some people along with me argued that why should she take the baby in lap. If the bus were full and if she had been keeping her child in seat, she has to pay at time. Why should she pay for the child when you don’t have passangers to sit on that seat. The lady didn’t argue and took her baby on her lap. Later in the way, we told the supervisor to allow the baby to sit in the seat beside her mother (till then the lady was carrying her baby in her lap). The supervisor told us that he didn’t have any problem but to take the baby in her lap when checking comes. Then the baby sat in that seat.

No doubt, your service is better than other buses now but you have to consider humanity as well. Why would the supervisor say so about checking? And Why would the Checking tell the lady to take her baby in her lap if the seat is vaccant? I have traveled in Ena for several times but till now I haven’t seen any checking on the way.

Yes obviously, it is your business but your business is because of the passangers and passengers are not nonliving things. When a passangers gets into your bus, its your responsibility to get them reach to their destination. Some emergency situation may arise in bus. Sometimes passangers might have sudden stomach pain, chest pain, severe headache, high rise is blood pressure, brain haemorrage, fainting etc. Diabetic patients feel frequent urination. So what would you do in those situations? During travelling there are much more stresses. The regular schedule of eating, drinking and rest is disturbed. So you should consider those things in those situations. Passangers’ satisfaction should be your first and foremost priority. If the passangers are not satisfied, only speeding up is of no use. Thanks to that Ena bus (bus no. 5354) for helping me. If my documents had been lost by chance, I would have been in much trouble.Thanks god I got my bag safely.

I have posted this as a complain so that it can reach upto the right concerned people (Ena management). You should know what is happening with the passangers. You must take care of your passangers. Mr Ujwal answered me in a very irresponsible way. If he couldn’t, he should have referred me to higher authorities/ personnels. No doubt, Ena Transport is hero now but if the same continues in future also, you might also be zero within no time. Let your bus not ply vaccant on the roads.

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