"Job Satisfaction"

Job Satisfaction

"Job Satisfaction"Definition of Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction is a positive feeling about one’s job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics.

In other words, Job satisfaction is how content an individual is with his or her job. Scholars and human resource professionals generally make a distinction between affective job satisfaction and cognitive job satisfaction.

Causes of Job Satisfaction

Internal Factors: Work itself, pay, advancement opportunities, supervision, coworkers.

External Factors: Training, independence, variety in the works.

Measurement of Job Satisfaction

Single Global Rating: When you are satisfied with your job for a single facts and all things are considered. Like salary range is high.

Summation Scoring: When you are satisfied with your job for all sorts things of the organization. Like salary is high, colleagues and boss are good etc.

Impact of satisfied and dissatisfied employees

There has a theoretical model the exit-voice-loyalty-neglect framework to understand the consequence of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of employees. These are give below with brief descriptions –

1. Exit: Dissatisfaction expressed through behavior directed toward leaving the organization.

2. Voice: Dissatisfaction expressed through active and constructive attempts to improve conditions.

3. Loyalty: Dissatisfaction expressed by passively waiting for conditions to improve.

4. Neglect: Dissatisfaction expressed through allowing conditions to worsen.

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