Lanka Bangla Finance Limited MTO Exam Math Answers

Lanka Bangla Finance MTO exam math solutionWritten MATH Solution of LankaBangla Finance Limited MTO recruitment exam-2017.
Lanka Bangla Finance Limited MTO questions and answer for the part of math – 2017
Exam date: 19.08.2017

Question-1: A, B, C can complete a work in 16, 32, 48 days respectively. After starting work 4 days later C left and B left 2 days before the completion of the work. How many days require to complete the work?

Total time taken is x days
According to the question,
Answer:94/9 or 10.44 days

Alternative Solution:
LCM of 26,32&48 is 96
Total work=96
efficiency of
A= 96/16=6 units
B= 96/32=3 units
C=96/48=2 units
worked done by A,B,C in 4 days = (6+3+3)*4=44 units
worked done by A in 2 days = 2*6= 12 units
Remaining work
= 96-(44+12)
=40 units
remaining worked done by A&B
= 40/9
Total days = (4+2+40/9)=10(4/9) days
Answer:10.44 daysQuestion-2: A rectangular shapped fieds length is 1*1/2 or 1.5 of its width. To cover its fully with grass it needs 10260 taka, 1.9 taka per square meter. To give fence around the field, costing 2.5 tk per meter, how much tk will be needed?

Area of the rectangle
=5400 square meter
Width of the rectangle=x meterLength of rectangle=(3x/2) meter
We know,
Or, x=60
Length=(3*60/2)=90 meter
Perimeter of rectangle
=300 meter
So total Tk needed around rectangle fence=(300*2.5)=750 Tk
Answer:750 Tk

Question-3: A man to go 10 km to catch a bus .He walks part of the way at 7 km/hr and runs the rest of the way at 12 km/hr.If he takes 1 hr 15 minutes to complete his journey, Find how far he walked.

He walked x km
He runs(10-X) km
According to the question,
X/7 + (10-X)/12=5/4
Or, x=7
So, He walks 7 km
Answer:7 km

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