Mercantile Bank MTO Questions Solution

Mercantile Bank MTO Questions SolutionMercantile Bank MTO questions and answer for part General Knowledge 2017. Check below the Mercantile Bank MTO Questions Solution –

1. Tax exempted income in case of female? —–3,00,000
2. How many years/times do the vat law postponed?—2
3. What is the major income source of recent budget——VAT
4. When did FRC get established?—- 19 April, 2016
5. How many countries have NDB added except BRICs countries?—52
6.How many LDC countries do exist?——47
7. Which key starts/presents slides in power point?—f5
8. Where did 2nd conference of AIIB held?– Jeju Island, South Korea.
9.2nd GI product?—Hilsha Fish
10.12th test playing country?—Ireland
11. When did referendum of turkey held regarding constitution?— 16 April 2017
12. India China border?— Doklam
13. Recent past prime minister of Nepal? — Pushpa Kamal Dahal
14. Which African country rejoined AU?— Morocco
15. Duty free bank amount: 100000

Mercantile Bank Limited MTO general knowledge questions and answer 2017.

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