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Oracle DBA interview question related tips

"Oracle DBA interview Question tips"Introduction

As a DBA Exam candidate, they expected that give all the answers of the question. For this reason they really heard work. If they fail, they are to much disappoint. Don’t worry, every things is possible in this world. I give some tips to well in the Oracle DBA interview question and remove disappoint. I give it to my best effort and experience to make these tips.

I thinks 3 things is very much important to interview

  1. Confidence.
  2. Knowledge.
  3. Experience.

Tips of interview question

In the interview a DBA candidate is give the answer a variety of DBA question, Most of the questions are about DBA, DBA basic, system, operate etc based on their circular position. If you give answer, these questions effectively, you may be select for the job.

For the interview you need to know about the latest DBA sys and technique.

I give some examples of Oracle DBA interview question which help to grow you more for the DBA interview.

Oracle DBA based question:

  1. What are the strong points of oracle DBA?
  2. What are the weak points of oracle DBA?
  3. Which are the default passwords of SYSTEM/SYS?
  4. How can you execute a script file in SQLPLUS?
  5. How can you find official Oracle documentation?
  6. What is the address of the Official Oracle Support?
  7. How much big are the databases?
  8. Why you choose to be an oracle DBA?
  9. What should you do if you encounter an ORA-600?
  10. In which Oracle version was Data Pump introduced?
  11. What is the most important requirement in order to use RMAN to make consistent hot backups?
  12. Which are the main components of Oracle Grid Control?
  13. How many alert logs exist in a RAC environment?
  14. Tell the name the seven types of Oracle tables.
  15. Will RMAN take backups of read-only table spaces?
  16. Let me Explain Oracle memory structure.
  17. What is BBED?

Your IQ based question:

  1. Why you are interested in this position?
  2. How do you respond to the change in workplace?
  3. How can you contribute at your previous position?
  4. What are your short and long term goals?
  5. What Oracle tool you use to transform data file into text files?
  6. How can you manage your time?
  7. How can you manage your team?

Some important things:

  • In the interview you must express your opinion and experience. Always keep a relaxed composure throughout the interview.
  • Try to show you are a person who is willing to learn and is open to new ideas. Express clearly your work related experience, training, education, specific skills and your best abilities.
  • Show your expression what are your responsibilities of the job.
  • Please try to understand what the interviewer wants. Try to understand what problems they have and think why they are recruiting a DBA.
  • Use Internet to find answers the questions. Ask them if you are sounding confident.
  • Give the answer which you find in your hand practice exercise. Don’t give the answer which you were found from a book.

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