"Oracle DBA interview Question tips"

Oracle DBA interview Question tips

"Oracle DBA interview Question tips"Oracle DBA interview questions- Introduction

Organization is searching some Oracle DBAs where you as a Certified Oracle Master can show your performance. But Before the Organization takes you as an Oracle Expert they need to judge you what your expertise. So they want to take an interview to see your performance in Oracle DBA. Most of the organization expects to hire at least 3-5 years’ experience people giving them minimum salary. So prepare yourself make yourself expert so that people make you call to join their organization.

Some Common Questions of Oracle DBA interview

  • How many memory layers are in the shared pool?
  • How do you find out from the RMAN collection if a specific documentation log has been backed-up?
  • How can you tell in what way much interplanetary is left on a specified file system and how plentiful interplanetary each of the file system’s divisions participation?
  • Define the SGA and:

a. How you would organize SGA for a mid-sized OLTP environment?
b. What is involved in tuning the SGA?

  • What is the cache hit ratio, what impact does it have on recital of an Oracle database and what is complex in tuning it?
  • Other than making use of the stats pack utility, what would you check when you are monitoring or running a health check on an Oracle 8i or 9i database?
  • How do you tell what your machine name is and what is its IP addressed?
  • How would you go about verifying the network name that the local listener is currently using?
  • You have 4 instances running on the same UNIX box. How can you determine which shared memory and semaphores are associated with which instance?

You face first time Interview of Oracle DBA

  • What is database link?

A database link (same as linked servers in SQL Server) is an object in one Oracle database that defines a path to another database. They allow you to query remote tables and execute remote procedures.

  • What is the difference between oracle DBA and oracle developer?
  • How many memory layers are in the shared pool?

There are three layers in shared pool
i) Library cache ii) Data dictionary cache iii) control structures

  • How to estimate size of database? Select sum (bytes) from DBA data files; select sum (bytes) from valor; select sum (bytes) from DBA temp files; Total sum of all the three will give the database size.

Essentially you need to know this Oracle DBA question

  • How would you edit your CRONTAB to schedule the running of /test/test.sh to run every other day at 2PM?
  • What do the 9i dbms_standard.sql_txt () and dbms_standard.sql_text () procedures do?
  • In which dictionary table or view would you look to determine at which time a snapshot or MVIEW last successfully refreshed?
  • How would you best determine why your MVIEW couldn’t FAST REFRESH?
  • How does propagation differ between Advanced Replication and Snapshot Replication (read-only)?
  • Which dictionary view(s) would you first look at to understand or gets a high-level idea of a given Advanced Replication environment?
  • How would you begin to troubleshoot an ORA-3113 error?
  • Which dictionary tables and/or views would you look at to diagnose a locking issue?
  • An automatic job running via DBMS_JOB has failed. Knowing only that “it’s failed”, how do you approach troubleshooting this issue?

In closing of Oracle DBA interview question

When time for an Oracle DBA interview Question you have to be sure that you already make you self-prepared in this field. Try to read the job description of all Oracle job announcements. A sparse listing of requirements leads to the other preparation strategy. Here I give some simple tips for Oracle Dba interview. Overall things are be confident in interview time and say anything from your confidence.

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