Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR – Ways to Explore the World differently

Are you a student…. Are you a businessman… Are you a job holder….Are u an Artiest …. Or are you a home maker? I think one of the above professions you have. What ever you might be… may be you are so much fond of movies, songs, or games. But you didn’t get enough time for watching your favorite movie at theater, or enjoy your fascinated game on live… If it’s like that then here is a solution for you. Samsung launched Virtual reality glasses.

Why should you use Samsung Gear VR ?

There’s so much to be done with a Gear VR. If you are not persuaded about where to get start, take a glance at a number of our experiences.

Now I’m watching a movie trailer. All around of me are blank seats. The projector is far away from me, the sound quality is so good … ooohhh my god…. It is just unbelievable. Actually, no… I’m not in a movie theater, I’m on a train & just reached my destination then I took off my helmet and start walking. Why should we watch a movie promo in a virtual movie theater rather than on my cellular phone? I’m not clear in my mind whether I can answer that or not, but the experience was more insightful than I could have predict.

Not only that, I’ve been in an aquarium on the couch, someone’s quiet apartment listening to music while lying in bed. Dare I walk around the solar system while sitting on a public park bench? How does VR glasses make you think that you’re standing on Mars when you’re actually about to bump into the kitchen counter? Is not it so incredible?

What is Gear Virtual Reality Glasses ?

At first you might want to know that what is VR Glasses….? Virtual reality is a simulated atmosphere that is shaped with software and offered to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment.

At a Glance about VR

Just let me give you a real picture of Samsung Gear VR glasses

Product Type: Smart phone, Virtual Reality VR HMD mounts.

Product Name: Samsung Gear VR glasses also known as Gear VR.

Product Price: The introductory price of Samsung Gear VR glasses US $99.99 but now it’s available at US $79.99.

Product Developer: The Samsung Gear VR is a mobile virtual reality headset developed by Samsung Electronics, in collaboration with Oculus.

Product Manufacturer: Manufactured by Samsung.

Announced Date: The Gear VR Glasses was first publicized in September 2014. The main reason to allow developers to form content for the Gear VR and to allow VR and technology fans to get early admittance to the technology, Samsung had released two innovatory editions of the Gear VR before the customer version.
Released Date: The Samsung Gear VR headset was released on 27th of November in 2015.

Operating System: It has Android operating system.

Applications: As of February 17, 2016, there were 185 Apps available for the Gear VR on the Oculus Store. Uses of the Samsung Gear VR currently include viewing of 360° images, from the 360° view by Getty Images app. This certified the watching of sphere-shaped content from Getty’s collections and structures stills from the World Cup and Cannes Film Festival amongst many more.

Graphics: 2560x1440p (1280×1440 per eye) (Φ38, x6.7; 96° field of view)

Controller input: It has Touch-pad and back button which is so much user friendly.

  • Home key- Press to return to Oculus Home
  • Back key- Press to return to Oculus Home
  • Touch-pad- Tap or swipe the level surface for easy control.

Display: Super AMOLED (It is a term for an AMOLED display with an combined digitizer, the layer that detects touch is integrated keen on the screen, rather than place on top of it.)

Weight: 318 grams (without smartphone)

Camera: Experience 360° content on your Gear VR by heading over to the Gear 360 VR Gallery for videos and photos taken with the Gear 360.


  • Turn your compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone into a completely portable and wireless virtual reality device.
  • Simple to use touch pad with dedicated Back and Home buttons
  • Wide field of view, precise head-tracking and low latency transport reality to the implicit, it easily transports reality to amazing new worlds, in the games, as well as video and images, Thousands of 360 degree panoramic photos
  • Here are also additional en suite motion sensors, for better responsiveness and lower lag.
  • You can also download new apps and switch apps without removing the headset, something you can’t do this with other Google Cardboard devices.
  • The Gear VR also has voice identification technology, which is very useful for when you need to enter text.
  • Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Proximity (Mount/Unmount Detection)
  • Compatible with: This devise is compatible Samsung Galaxy Note5 Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6.


  • While using Gear VR you entirely disconnect from the real world and moving around is not an easy task.
  • The headset does not work with other smartphones from any other band. So if you have any other brand phone, or an iPhone, you’re unlucky.
  • There are only a few dozen of games, match up to hundreds for Google Cardboard.
  • There is no YouTube apps, for example. If you want to see YouTube then you have to go on YouTube from the Gear VR web browser.
  • Sumsung Gear VR apps store can only be used from the phone, not via a regular web browser.
  • No positional tracking

Safety Tips

There is some safety things should be kept in our mind like all forms of VR glasses.

  • If you’re playing really vigorous games for a long period of time then wear a sport headband to keep sweat away from dripping past your hairline and into the headset.
  • Clean your face with a cosmetic, use something on your skin for safe antibacterial wipe and let it dry before putting the headset on.
  • Build a habit of get rid of makeup, especially foundation, before you putting on the headset.
  • A number of business organizations have begun to manufacture VR headset covers; they’re usually made of cotton and those are designed to fit over the foam cushion. They add a little additional comfort and are they are also easy to remove and machine washable.
  • You will get the most out of your VR experience with the right accessories to match your Samsung Gear VR.

Bottom line

Now a day everyone can enjoy the stunning virtual reality viewing with the Samsung Gear VR. It seems like you’re looking at a huge screen with an expansive view that goes beyond your side-line vision, immersing you in virtual worlds.

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