“Search English” The Ultimate Platform to Learn English

An idea can change life. Not a singles life, have changing for lots of. The number of people from Bangladesh are not capable to write in English. But as a language English is the second official language in Bangladesh and learning English is the process of increasing value of a single guys.

If people tries, nothing is tough. People are trying to gain each things to reach one step ahead of their success path. But in the case of learning English in Bangladesh have to done tough job for the reason of that feeling shyness.

Where “Search English” giving the place to learn English, from the different post and discussion of this group members got the idea they are not hesitate to share, no one feels shy and calmly they are learning English.

Search English ?

Search English is an open platform to learn English through practice. This platform helps the guys to make proficient them in writing English and getting better opportunity in their entire career.

The Slogan of this group: “Learn English to Change life.”

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Here, age, gender, race or educational background doesn’t matter anyone can learn writing in English. Actually the motive of this group is to develop skilled English writers. The motion, one can write on any topic as long as it is not controversial or offending according to social norm.

This group is the output of few honorable guys, who want to develop the country by developing work force and want rise the capacity of our nation.

Honorable guys are (I am sorry, if i made any mistakes ) –

1. Razib Ahmed

2. Sirajum Munira

3. Nasima Akter Nisha

4. Ummay Farjana Boby

However, have to give “Big Hands” and “Lot of Thanks” to maker of this nice decision.

A big example about career by Razib Ahmed – 

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