Sentence Completion Rules & Example of Sentence Completion exercises

English grammar is the most student term for student. Where sentence completion is one of the part of English grammar. Today i will provide here tutorial about sentence completion. Where you will get sentence completion rules and example of sentence completion exercises.

This tutorial will help you in BCS preparation and Bank job preparation. BCS Grammar preparation on sentence completion. Bank job preparation on grammar for sentence completion. Sentence completion for BCS and Bank job preparation.

Sentence completion rules – here you will get 27 rules with example of sentence completion.

Sentence completion rules

Sentence completion rules

Sentence completion rules

Sentence completion rules

Sentence completion rules

Sentence completion rules

Sentence completion rules

Sentence completion rules

Sentence completion rules

Sentence completion rules

Sentence completion rules

Sentence completion rules


Example of Sentence Completion exercises 

01. I suggest that he should eat rice.

02. It is high time that we should eat rice.

03. He said that he could go to school.

04. The more he earned the more he spent.

05.  I went to Dhaka with a view to earning money.

06. A stitch in time saves nine.

07. Though he didn’t study he passed the exam.

08. I along with my sisters am going to Dhaka.

09. He will have gone there before he comes.

10. Would that, I could be a bird.

11. He went there, for he was invited.

13. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

14. The road of Chittagong are better than those of Dhaka.

15. I had better to go there.

16. I will go there in case he comes.

17. This is the time when I go to bed.

18. This is the place where I was born.

19. Had I had a pen I would have written a letter.

20. He behaved as though he had been a mad.

21. He can’t pass in the 3rd division , let alone first division.

22. I would rather die than beg.

23. He will play football provided the weather is good.

24. He behaves as if he were mad.

25. He spoke as if he had known everything.

26. The pious are always happy.

27. The pious man is happy.

28. He used to walk in the morning.

29. He is used to walking in the morning.

30. Computer is used to collect data.

31. He ran fast lest he should miss the train.

32. He put warm cloth lest he should catch cold.

33. He behaved as if he had been mad.

34. He speaks as if he knew everything.

35. Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty.

36. He is known to all for his kindness.

37. Though the water was salty we took it.

38. He will go providing that , I come.

39. He will go in case you come.

40. No one can tell what will happen.

41. I was doubtful whether he could come or not.

42. Though he has vast riches, he leads a poor life.

43. He speaks what the truth is.

44. You should abide by the rules of state.

45. He was praised by himself.

46. What is wanted by you?

47. I can’t help going there.

48. I would rather starve than steal.

49. I had better play football in the playground.

50. Do you know where he lives?

51. I feel like going there.

52. He was so slow that he could not complete his work.

53. It was ten years since, I had met him.

54. I talked to a woman, who was honest.

55. He acted as if he had been a mad.

56. Had I seen him I would have met/caught him.

57. The box is so light that, I can carry it.

58. I will not go until, you come.

59. Though there was water everywhere, I couldn’t drink it.

60. He came here in order that he could get a good job.

61. I was so helpless that, I could not imagine what to do/anything.

62. He will go there providing that, the sky is clear.

63. Now I along with my sisters am going to Dhaka.

64. Tell me, what the truth is/where he lives.

65. A graveyard is a place where dead bodies are buried.

66. It is education , which removes the darkness of ignorance.

67. I cannot but go there.

68. People will support you providing that you are honest.

69. It was long time since I had met him.

70. Though he has talent, he can’t pass in the examination.

71. He exercises regularly in order that he can keep his body fit.

72. Unless you start now, you will fail to do the work.

73. No other boy in the class is as brilliant as he.

74. He is more brilliant than any other boy in the class.

75. He is the most brilliant boy in the class.

76. No other city in Bangladesh is as big as Rangamati.

77. Rangamati is bigger than any other city in Bangladesh.

78. Rangamati is the biggest city in Bangladesh.

79. Very few towns in India are as big as Kolkata.

80. Kolkata is bigger than most other towns in India.

81. Kolkata is one of the biggest towns in India.

82. He went there in the midst of heavy rain.

83. If you dilly dally you will miss the train.

84. You look like a dead ringer of my father.

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