Study in Korea With Undergraduate Scholarships at HUFS

Hankuk University of Foreign StudiesHankuk University of Foreign Studies offers international undergraduate scholarships for the year 2018 in Korea.

Scholarship programs assist students from a range of backgrounds to pursue their studies at HUFS.

HUFS provides various compensatory and incentive based scholarship programs.These scholarship programs, both internally and externally funded, are intended to make a HUFS education available to a wide range of talented and qualifying students. These programs enable students to concentrate on their academic pursuits, while helping HUFS continue to maintain its level as a leading academic institution in the world.

Level of study: Undergradute

Study subject: Subject offered by Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Scholarship value:

  • Veritas: Full Tuition (4 Years)
  • Pax: Half Tuition(4 Years)
  • Creatio: Half Tuition (2 Years / 1~1.5 Years)
  • HUFS Language I: Matriculation Fee
  • HUFS Language II: Matriculation Fee & Half Tuition for 1 Years
  • HUFS Global: 30% Tuition Waiver (4 Years / 2 Year for Transfer)
  • TOPIK 5: Matriculation Fee
  • TOPIK 6: Matriculation Fee (Half Tuition for one Semester)

Eligibility to apply:

  • Veritas: Obtained over 96 of total admission pass mark
  • Pax: Obtained over 93 of total admission pass mark
  • Creatio: Obtained over 90 of total admission pass mark
  • HUFS Language I: Any Successful Candidates who have completed at least two regular terms at HUFS Korean Language Center
  • HUFS Language II: Any successful candidates who have completed at least two regular terms at HUFS Korean Language Center and have a TOPIK level 5 or above
  • HUFS Global: Any successful candidates for majors offered in our Global Campus whose admission pass mark is over 80
  • TOPIK 5: Submit TOPIK level 5
  • TOPIK 6: Submit TOPIK level 6

Nationality: International students can apply.

Requirement of entrance:

  • Must have graduated from high school or will graduate from enrolling.
  • Completed primary and secondary schools either in or outside Korea.

Requirement of English Language:

  • Korean Track – TOPIK level 3 or higher, English Track – TOEFL 80 of higher

Application process: You can apply through online. To get application form click here.

Deadline of application: In each year September.

To make General Inquires

HUFS / Merit Scholarship / Government Scholarship programs
Mr. Wonil Ki, Ms. Hye Young Lee
Office of International Student Services
Email. , / Tel. 82-2-2173-2065~6

To know more – click here.

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