Study MBA in Germany

"Study MBA in Germany"The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular Master-degree programs and is taught and approved globally. Therefore, the degree MBA has influenced as self-standing degree. It is well-known for its stable links between pragmatic experience and theoretical knowledge.

In Germany it is further probable to get the MBA degree in various methods. Doing it as a full time study program it consists 12 to 24 months to get the degree, depending on program, state and university. It is also probable to do the MBA as half-time studies. Then it is possible to maintain working in one’s company and study at evenings or at the weekend to get the degree. For the reason of the limited study time it therefore takes longer to get the degree.

Those who wish to maintain working for the duration of the MBA studies can also prefer another model, called the Executive MBA. In this model the studies take part in an contract with the employer and are also financed by this. This MBA was made for executive managers and is formed extremely tight.

A last substitutes is given by the Distance Learning, meaning the studying at home. With the internet it is probable and frank to get the essential documents and one can learn on his or her own at home. This gives a flexible design of the studies but also essentials discipline.

Admission requirements for the MBA program are alike to those for normal master degrees. It is essential to have a complete another studies before, either Bachelor or Diploma degree. In some cases it is possible to avoid the degree with sufficient pragmatic experience in the subjects. Different as in normal Master programs the MBA is taught at Business Schools in lieu of universities.

The motivation for a MBA study program is very similar to the one for a master program, further education in significant topics, better chances for the career and deepening of one’s knowledge. These studies are frequently started after some time of pragmatic working. The MBA degree is approved in management-networks but has also become that widespread that the single studies are no longer the way to executive positions. It is also essential to use the obtained knowledge in a positive way.

To get the degree it is essential to do a master-thesis and to pass an oral exam. The MBA programs in Germany today are very widespread and demanded. Unfortunately, with the spreading comes further a less of quality. Not each Business School is alike to the others concerning content and quality of teaching. To find the bes ones it is a huge assist to look at the accreditation of the study programs. Independent companies check the quality of the proposed program.

An MBA program is financed only by tuition fees. Therefore, these fees are quite costly. For an MBA program one has to calculate about 90.000$ including costs of living etc.

Those who are intended in such a program and in the German Business Schools can get also information on the webpage Which places offer this study program? What probabilities are provided to finance the studies? Where are the main differences between MBA and Master? Furthermore, they offer a searching machine to get the perfect Business School for oneself. There are also dates for information presentations for the various topics.


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