The Challenges for Banking Sector of Bangladesh

Challenges of Banking Sector in Bangladesh1. Keeping increasing Non-Performing Loan (NPL) to a tolerable level. Now a days rate of NPL for majority bank is increasing. Some solution is available in this case. Rescheduling is the most common way. But in this case down-payment is necessary also. Another method is Cash Adjustment; so that NPL becomes to Continuous Loan.

2. Idle money is a liability for banks. In this case, Selection of the proper sector to invest is a challenge. Also the selection of suitable customer to disburse Loan.

3. Customer Satisfaction is also a big challenge. Customer demands more & more now a days. They want better environment, better service, better behavior in less time. So there is a inter-compettition among the banks. Better service provider will survive.

4. IT security is a major issue. Banks use several software for Inter-bank & Intra-bank transaction both nationally & internationally. Security of these transactions is necessary. Skilled IT expert with good knowledge of Banking is a must in this case.

5. Higher management – most important factor. Government & Shareholder should appoint good persons specially banking & economy knowledged person; not political or corrupted person as Chairman;MD or Director. In most cases Higher management is solely responsible for destroying a bank. BASIC bank is a good example.
Now BD occupies headline all over the world in the issue of 81$b.reserve hacking.
In our perspective more than 70% people out of banking channel. so they ‘ve no bank account, including them & join main economic revolution.

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