What is Effective communication ?

Communication is the process of exchanging ideas, thought, emotions, information and news. Communication should be effective. Because of the connection between sender and receiver will be strong if effective communication is present. Let us on the board to get things below –

  • Definition of effective communication
  • How communication will be effective?
  • 7 C’s of effective communication

Definition of Effective Communication: 

Effective communication is one when both the sender and receiver of the message perceive/understand the message in the same sense and same meaning.

How communication will be effective?

Communication will be most effective when message are –

  • Coded clearly and unambiguously
  • Transmitting the message without the addition of noise distorting the message
  • Received without loss of any part because of channel overload
  • Decoded accurately so that the original information is perfectly duplicated.

7 C’s of Effective Communication

  • C= Clarity
  • C= Conciseness
  • C= Completeness
  • C= Correctness
  • C= Courteous
  • C= Consistency
  • C= Consideration

Principles of Effective Communication

  1. Preparations
  2. Clarity
  3. Simplicity
  4. Consistency
  5. Completeness
  6. Conciseness
  7. Attention
  8. Timing and Timeliness
  9. Interest and Acceptance
  10. Independence
  11. Mutual trust
  12. Use of informal communication
  13. Sending the message in right place
  14. Complete knowledge
  15. Variety of sentence
  16. Correctness
  17. Voice
  18. You attitude
  19. Reward

Power of Positive language in Effective Language 

Example of negative language: We can’t send your goods until we receive the cheque.

Example of positive language: As soon as we receive the cheque we will send the goods.

Requirements of Effective Communication

  1. Concreteness
  2. Feed-back
  3. Listening
  4. Channel
  5. Repetition
  6. Correctness
  7. Conciseness
  8. Completeness
  9. Planning
  10. Mutual interest
  11. Harmonious relationship
  12. Capability of receiver
  13. Attractiveness
  14. Definite purpose
  15. Time and environment
  16. Development of trust
  17. Emotional terms

Scope of Effective Communication

  1. Business functioning
  2. Communication & Individual’s life
  3. Decision making
  4. Implementation of plan
  5. Communication and social plan
  6. Communication and Business, trade & industry
  7. Distribution and marketing
  8. Communication and Government
  9. Communication and industrial relations.
  10. Communication and religion
  11. Foreign trade
  12. Communication and international relations
  13. Communication and Auxiliary activities
  14. Communication and Management
  15. Public relations

Objectives of Effective Communication

  1. To achieve goal
  2. To exchange information
  3. To help in formulating policies
  4. To make plan
  5. To place order to subordinates
  6. To advise colleagues
  7. To create awareness
  8. To assist in participating management
  9. To help in coordination
  10. To help in decision making and its implementation
  11. To improve industrial relations
  12. To educate and train employees
  13. To develop human resource
  14. To help controlling
  15. To motivate employees
  16. Mutual cooperation
  17. To increase productivity
  18. To solve the problem
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