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VAT on Education, Govt. of Bangladesh Discourages Higher Education

EWU students always on
EWU students always on

Recently Govt. of Bangladesh announces students have to pay VAT on their tuition fees those students are studies at private universities. Govt. set 7.5% VAT on their tuition fees. Actually now private universities provide tertiary education to the people whereas they can get higher education very easily with their properties. Now maximum lower middle income people also getting this tertiary education service who did not get the chance at public universities.

But now the govt. is the big impediment here. In a way govt. discourages students to get higher education by set VAT on tuition fees.

Many universities students raise their voice against this decision as like EWU, AIUB, NSU, IUB, IUBAT, SEU and so on. They want proper education with their ability, they are not here to harm you, and they just want their BASIC needs. Education is one of the basic needs.

Also there are a very bad news teachers and students attacked by the police. This is really not a good sign for a country, police charging students and teachers.

"Students and teachers attacked by the police"
Students and teachers attacked by the police

Where the govt. from others country providing subsidy on education severely but the govt. of Bangladesh want subsidy from the students who are managing their cost by doing job in the time of study. So many students are unable to pay the excess money on their tuition fees. I hope the govt. should take care on this matter.

Present Prime Minister of Bangladesh “Sheikh Hasina”. She is well educated; hope so she will understand this condition and will take positive decision for the students who really want education with their ability.

On behalf of all students I want to say, Prime Minister please takes a look here with your positive eyes. You are the daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who is the father of our nation. Bangabandhu I have tremendous respect on this name who declared students will pay half fair on car, train etc. So please as a daughter of Bangabhandhu please provide the opportunity to students to get tertiary education.

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