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Admission Requirements for Study Abroad in Finland

"Admission Requirements for Study Abroad in Finland"

"Admission Requirements for Study Abroad in Finland"Following are the eligibility criterion for Study Abroad in Finland for Engineering, Bachelors, MBA, Masters and PhD programs for getting admission into Finland universities:

Application process:

The application procedure varies depending on plan of study at a university or at a polytechnic.

For studying at a Polytechnic i.e. a place where practical education is imparted i.e. more professional and work oriented, a student can send his/ her application directly to the polytechnic preferred or through the joint application system. A joint application system is one where in a student can list up to a maximum of 4 programs of interest.

For studying at a university i.e. a place where scientific research and programs based on that are conducted. For applying to a Finnish university a student can send the application directly to the Finnish university of interest. Also an online joint application form can be filled if English is the language of preference for the degree program.

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