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Admission Requirements for Study Abroad in Japan

"Admission Requirements for Study Abroad in Japan"

"Admission Requirements for Study Abroad in Japan"Here you will get the eligibility criteria for study abroad in japan for Engineering, Bachelors, Masters, MBA and PhD programs for getting admission into Japanese universities:


  • For a Bachelor’s degree a student should complete undergraduate studies for at least 4 years. For medicine, dentistry and veterinary science there should be completion of 6 years of study.
  • For a Master’s degree a student should complete 2 years of the selected master’s specialization.
  • Also, a Master’s thesis which is judged satisfactorily has to be submitted.
  • For a PhD a student must complete 5 years of graduation. Also, the student must write a doctoral thesis that is judged satisfactorily and also pass an examination.
  • For an Associate’s degree a student must graduate from junior college for 2 years or 3 years or from a college of technology for 5 years.
  • For a Technical Associate degree a student should be a graduate. The special training colleges that have been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and should have fulfilled necessary requirements, such as minimum course attendance of least 2 years and a total of at least 1,700 hours of instruction, then these students can call themselves “qualified specialists.”

Application Process:

On the application form the students’ talents, grades, academic performance, letter of recommendations, hobbies and interests and announcement of persistence i.e. why Japan is the selected choice for studies, there should be context of the current affairs of Japan, the mark sheets or transcripts should also be attached or be mentioned.

A student has to write about himself or herself in what is called a “Personal Statement/Essay”. This is like an autobiography. The chance is to bring out the best of you as well as accentuate one’s written and communication skills. A student must indication their GPA scores, additional activities as well as other talents. A student is counseled to devote a lot of struggle and time on this and take assistance and an estimation of academician or professor.

The next stage is the Personal interview where a student is put face to face with a assortment committee. Here the student is asked about the present events of Japan. Students are rated on the basis of performance, mannerisms and presentation. There is also a group interview wherein the candidate’s capability to recognize and present a topic is gauged. Remember, weight age is given on content or depth of speech and not on volume or length of speech.


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