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Admission Requirements for Study Abroad in Switzerland

"Admission Requirements for Study Abroad in Switzerland"

"Admission Requirements for Study Abroad in Switzerland"Here you will get the eligibility criteria for Study Abroad in Switzerland for MBA, Masters, Engineering, Bachelors and PhD programs for getting admission into Switzerland universities:

Eligibility & admission process:

Admission to a Bachelor’s Program:

For right of entry to Swiss universities a valid Swiss mellowness certificate or a correspondent foreign higher secondary school-leaving certificate qualifying for university access is essential. Each of the universities or colleges creates its own decisions as to what certificates and qualifications it recognizes.

Admission to a Master’s Program:

The precondition for entrance to a Master’s program is a successfully accomplished Bachelor’s level program. Graduates of Bachelor’s programs have right of entry to definite Master’s programs, Each of the universities makes its own decisions as to whether a foreign Bachelor’s degree gives the holder right of entry to Master’s programs without entry examinations, or entree under definite conditions, or entree with further requirements, or does not give right of entry to Master’s programs.

Language Requirements:

The universities necessitate good acquaintance of the language of instruction.

At the Master’s level particularly, the universities are offering an increasing number of study programs in English.

For students that do not grasp fully acknowledged certificates qualifying for university access, the admission requirements also comprise a university entrance examination

Application Process:

  • Apply for Admission contact the University of your Choice previous to the admission deadline. Some of the universities also allow online applications. The main documents that you will have to send to the university are your higher secondary school-leaving certificate (the original or a notarized copy) and an up-to-date passport photograph.
  • After this the college or university entrance test has to be given.
  • After the admission process is completed then the student has to apply for a visa.
  • Then the student has to get necessary paper work completed at the police station in Switzerland.

Student entry visas should be requested from the Swiss Embassy or Consulate in your home country, after you have acknowledged your approval letters from the university. Most Swiss universities formation their academic year in three term periods that run from early on September to December, late January to early May, and late May to July correspondingly.


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