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Bangladesh Development Bank Senior Officer Recruitment Test English Questions and Solutions

"Bangladesh Development Bank"

"Bangladesh Development Bank"Bangladesh Development Bank Senior Officer Recruitment Test English Questions and Answers, 2011

1. The meaning of the word ‘species’ is

a) ingredient used in cooking
b) sample of creation
c) group of human being
d) group of animals, plants etc
e) sample of any living organism

Ans: e

2. The meaning of of the word ‘orchestrate’ is

a) organize a orchestrate party
b) meeting requirements
c) stage-manage
d) applying special musical skill
e) editing an orchestra music

Ans: c

3. The meaning of the word ‘precedence’ is

a) priority
b) tenure of the President
c) event that never happened
d) a matter of deal with
e) a case of reference

Ans: a

4. Who is the author of “India Wins Freedom”

a) Jawharlal Neheru
b) Abul Kalam Azad
c) Indira Gandhi
d) M . N. Gandhi
e) Mohammad Ali Zinnah

Ans: b

5. Try to finish the work ___ a week

a) on
b) at
c) within
d) in
e) by

Ans: d

6. The house is infected ___ rats

a) with
b) by
c) against
d) for
e) from

Ans: b

7. Your behavior can not be called ___ question.

a) in
b) on
c) out
d) out of
e) to

Ans: a

8. I did not know that he was ___ the committee.

a) in
b) at
c) on
d) against by
e) for favor

Ans: c

9. I vouch ___ his honesty.

a) to
b) of
c) at
d) for
e) in

Ans: d

10. The law applies to____.

a) all and sundry
b) all in all
c) each other
d) one another
e) at large

Ans: a

Identify the correct spelling (Questions 11-13):


a) ascent
b) assend
c) asent
d) acent
e) acsent

Ans: a


a) discret
b) disscret
c) discrete
d) diskret
e) discreete

Ans: c


a) intemidating
b) intimedating
c) intimideting
d) intimidating
e) entimidating

Ans: d

14. Choose antonym “Protract”

a) distract
b) project
c) abbreviate
d) oppose
e) support

Ans: c

15. Choose antonym “Currency”

a) note
b) banknote
c) still
d) obsolescence
e) fakeness

Ans: d

16. Choose the appropriate word as synonym “Laissez Faire”

a) market
b) let alone
c) planned
d) buy and sell
e) extempore

Ans: b

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