BOF-SF Fellowships for Senior Researchers and Doctoral Students in Belgium, 2014

"BOF-SF Fellowships in Belgium"

"BOF-SF Fellowships in Belgium"SF fellowships are aimed at senior non-KU Leuven researchers (regardless of their nationality) who have publicly defended their doctoral thesis at least 8 years before the official submission date. As a general rule, fellows should bring in new knowledge and expertise that is lacking, insufficiently developed or that can be extended within the research group of the applicant(s). For all fellowships, the expected input must go beyond the mere provision of labor.


  • Candidates must have obtained a doctorate from a university other than KU Leuven and must preferably have an international profile.
  • Candidates must have publicly defended their first PhD at least 8 years before the official submission date. Candidates should preferably hold a permanent position at another university or research institution.
  • In order to be taken into consideration, the candidate must be available on a full-time basis.
  • Candidates must not have been active at KU Leuven within a period of five years preceding the date of application, regardless of the source of income during that period. If candidates did work at KU Leuven during this period, this time (interruptions included) will be deducted from the maximum total duration of 36 months.
  • Applicants and their candidates are requested to seek parallel external funding. American candidates can consider Fulbright and CRB fellowships. European researchers can rely on Marie Curie and ERG grants from the EU, NATO grants, von Humboldt grants, GOS grants, IWT grants, DWTC grants, etc. If a parallel scholarship were to be allocated which is lower than the BOF allocation, the Special Research Fund can be requested to match that amount. The latter does not apply to Fulbright fellowships.

Scholarship Duration:

  • SF fellowships are granted for a maximum of 12 months and are, in principle, not extendable. In exceptional cases with special motivation an extension of up to 12 months is possible.
  • Applications for short term fellowships (1 to 3 months) and summer fellowships are only possible if the supervisor can provide adequate justification.
  • Sequential fellowships or mandates of a different type are possible, but the total stay at  KU Leuven may not exceed 36 months within a period of five years.
  • Fellowships must be commenced within a period of 12 months following the date of the official allocation. Fellowships may be interrupted upon request, but the total duration of the interruptions (including deferral) may not exceed two years.
  • As this is an allocation in the name of the candidate, the Research Co-ordination Office must be notified if the mandate is discontinued.

Scholarship Value:

Fellows will be paid by means of a grant, a salary or expenses. The level of the grant, salary or expenses is determined in accordance with the level of the fellow and the percentage of remuneration in the fellow’s own institution. The distinction between a grant or a salary is made on the basis of the statutory regulations for grants.

  • A budget to reimburse insurance costs will be provided for all fellows.
  • For all fellows, compensation for travel expenses will be made up to a maximum of €650 for European countries and a maximum of €1000 for non-European countries. Travel expenses will be reimbursed based on proof of expenditure.

Selection Criteria:

The following criteria is used for the evaluation of an SF-application (the applicant’s letter is important for both criteria):

  • the scientific esteem of the candidate, as evident from his/her curriculum vitae and academic bibliography;
  • the expected added benefit of the candidate, specifically for the research of the applicant(s).

How to Apply?

The mode of applying is online. Applicants must include:

  • curriculum vitae and list of publications of the candidate (not the applicant ZAP member);
  • a description of the research project and work plan;
  • if applicable: justification why parallel application was made at the FWO and other agencies;
  • a letter from the applicant stating (a) the quality of the candidate indicated (b) describes the expected value and the expected new innovative contribution of the candidate and (c) what specific output is being pursued and how soon.

Application Deadline: March 27, 2014.

For further information: BOF-SF Fellowships

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