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Cost of Study Abroad in Switzerland (Tuition Fees and Living Cost)

"cost of study in Switzerland"

"cost of study in Switzerland"Here you will get the information about tuition fees and living cost for study abroad in Switzerland.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for universities and colleges in Switzerland differ from institution to institution. If you hold a foreign or global secondary or higher education degree, you will have to pay registration and tuition fees at public universities and colleges in Switzerland. In general, foreign students must pay registration fees of approximately EUR 50 – 80. Tuition fees for foreign students range from EUR 750 to EUR 3000 per semester depending on the school.

Living Cost:

The cost of living in Switzerland echoes the country’s high standard of living. Residents appreciate admirable communications, transportation, excellence accommodation, and superior cultural and tourism offerings. Usually the cost of living depends on personal choice of entertaining activities.  Monthly average cost is EUR 1040 to EUR 1700. On average, a student would require EUR 14,000 to EUR 20,000 depending on the place and standard of living yearly.

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