DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programs (GSSP) for International Students in Germany, 2014

"DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programs"

"DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programs"DAAD funds in every year for graduate school scholarship programs (GSSP) for international doctoral students in structured doctoral programs in German universities.

Doctoral programs in Europe to develop a central element of the training and promotion of young scientists. Quality standards for the selection and supervision of doctoral students and an international research environment contribute to the attractiveness of these programs and create especially for applicants from abroad ideal starting conditions for a successful academic and social integration. Doctoral education in Germany in structured PhD program has become essential to part of the qualification process of young academics. Quality Standards Regarding the selection and hosting of doctoral students as well as international research environment to create unique perspectives for a successful academic and social integration and synthesis program make very attractive, particularly for foreign applicants. The DAAD intends to contribute to the new funding program to

  • increase the share DAAD-funded foreign doctoral students in structured doctoral programs in Germany and
  • doctoral programs in establishing research collaborations with partners abroad by DAAD-funded PhD places for foreign doctoral students sustainably support.

In a competitive process to identify doctoral programs that receive funding approval by the DAAD up to four DAAD-funded doctoral courses (two doctoral courses in two consecutive years) for foreign doctoral students.

Study Subject:

Scholarships are provided to learn any of the courses offered by the universities.


  • The study must at the time of starting the scholarship with a diploma or Master, in exceptional cases, with the Bachelor (fast-track promotion) be completed. The time of application should be in the last degree; generally be no more than six years.
  • The implementation of the funding commitments, the country-specific notes must be into account.
  • Applicants who are already at the time of application longer than fifteen spend months in Germany, cannot be considered.

Scholarship Duration:

Each DAAD PhD course it includes up to three years, in the case of PhD students from developing and emerging countries, up to four-year scholarships funded by the DAAD.

The selected doctoral programs received a funding commitment for up to four DAAD-funded PhD places per usually in tranches of two squares.

Selection Criteria:

The selection committee will be his judgment is based on the information in the application. it is therefore in the interest of the applicant institution, with the wording of the request to create the basis for a balanced and fair judgment properly. Note Please therefore in the formulation of the request that the documents submitted for the Selection committee representing the authoritative basis for evaluation. Based on the objectives of the program are the essential factors in the review process

  • the scientific excellence of the applicant organization and its environment
  • the technical quality of the doctoral program
  • a plan for the recruitment, selection and supervision of doctoral students. here should also be pointed out that measures be taken to applicants to achieve from developing and emerging countries
  • a plan for internationalization of the doctoral program / Graduate school.

How to Apply:

For Nomination process applicant must submitted following documents to the DAAD:

Of the universities:

  • A nomination letter to the academic qualifications
  • Applicant / the applicant as well as the fit of the candidate to Doctoral program is received. In this case, the ranking from the perspective of College will be explained.
  • A letter of confirmation stating the supervising university teachers / inside

Of the foreign applicants:

A complete application includes the DAAD application form “fellowships for graduate students and young scientists “with additional original documentation and two copies. The application form must be in German or accompanied by English:

  • a complete CV
  • a letter of motivation stating that the candidate with the technical proposal of the doctoral program and has dealt has the necessary technical requirements
  • Academic certificates: Certified copies
  • The school leaving certificate that the home country to higher education entitled
  • All high school transcripts of all annual inspections
  • The diploma or degree certificate indicating the final grades and explanation of the grading system
  • proof of the language skills required in the doctoral program
  • If applicable, proof of practical training
  • If applicable, list of publications

Application Deadline: 20th January 2014.

For further information: DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programs

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