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Europe’s top festive destinations

"Europe’s top festive destinations"

"Europe’s top festive destinations"Last week, we asked our Facebook community to help BBC Travel reader Sarah Morrison in her search for the best “European destinations to visit between Christmas and New Year”.

Here are some of their suggestions:

From Eva Gold: “The Christmas markets in Germany!”

From Sofia Vovk: “How about Lviv in Ukraine? Really amazing place to spend New Year and Christmas holidays.”

From Ketill Sigurjonsson: “Reykjavik, Iceland, but stay over the New Year for the amazing fireworks in the northern darkness.”

From Passports & Pamplemousse: “The Christmas market in Brussels is a surprisingly good one! There are actually several markets and a light show in the Grand Place. It’s a beautiful sight, especially for such a small city.”

From Inez Summers: “Brussels! Christmas markets and the best beers in the world! And chocolate.”

From Thomas Hübbe: “People say that the best Christmas is in Paris and the best New Year in Berlin. This is going to be my first time spending both here in Berlin. Hope it will be awesome!”

From Geoffrey Rose: “Russia and Turkey are good choices as they either celebrate Christmas later (Russia) or not at all (Turkey). I was in Vienna last Christmas to New Year and most things were open and it was very nice and festive, but I remember London being dead, especially on 25 and 26 December. I’ll be in Istanbul for Christmas this year, then Warsaw, then Berlin for New Year into January.”

From Paola Orazi: “I highly recommend Le Marche in Italy.”

From Ayca Grüter: “Vienna during Christmas time is great. Also consider the Swiss Alps. Otherwise Scandinavian countries are great during this time.”

From Coqui Perez: “Germany if you want snow, and sun: Spain.”

From Emily Norton: “We love and enjoy the winter most in Tenerife South in Gran Canary ((should this be Gran Canaria?)). The weather is nice and warm compared to the rest of Europe. Great food, beaches, nightlife and shopping.”

From Jenny Koroleva: “Russia celebrates Christmas a lot later than Western Europe does. I think Stockholm in Sweden is a good place, with a real Christmas.

From Yulia Bogdanovych: “Northern European countries, and also Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia. In this place [Russia] you really feel winter. There’s the beautiful shine of snow, interesting traditions and national food. In particular New Year will be perfect in Russia.”

From Hamada Abdurrahman: “Lisbon is the best for that time. Beautiful capital, perfect weather, good food, Fado music, warm people.”

From H W Roos: “Go where fewer tourists go. Budapest would be almost too much visited, but I would still put it on my top 10. Cluj-Napoca in Romania would be a good visit, and Warsaw would be nice.”

From Elly Geven: “Rome! On Christmas Eve join Night Mass in Santa Maria in Aracoeli. On New Year’s Eve visit the Treve Fountain for good luck, find a nice small restaurant in Trastevere and dance with the waiters after midnight.”


Courtesy: Chloe Pantazi


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