Māori and Pacific Islands Scholarship in New Zealand, 2014

"Māori and Pacific Islands Scholarship"

"Māori and Pacific Islands Scholarship"The Māori and Pacific Islands Scholarship in Economics, Finance and Banking has been developed as part of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Equal Employment Opportunities program.

The purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage Māori and Pacific Island students to pursue studies in the field of economics, finance and banking studies. The Reserve Bank’s objective is to increase the number of Māori and Pacific Island students with tertiary qualifications in economics, finance and banking studies to honors level, and thereby increase the numbers of these students employed in policy departments within the Bank.

Study Subject:

Scholarships are provided in the field of economics, finance and banking offered by New Zealand Universities.


  • The scholarship is open to Māori and Pacific Island university students who have completed Economics, Finance or Banking studies at the 100 level (completed first year of university), who attained at least a B+ grade and who intend to continue studying to Honors level. Please note that students who are entering their first year of university are not eligible.
  • Applicants must be studying full time at a New Zealand university. The scholarship will be continued for the original holder up to Honors level (fourth year) providing the holder continues to perform to the required standard.
  • For further information please email

Scholarship Value:

The scholarship is valued at $1,500 in the first year, increased to $2,500 in the second year and $3,500 in the final year of study.

The successful applicant will be paired with a Reserve Bank staff member who will act as a mentor. The mentor will make contact regularly during the scholarship program and can assist with research, advice and provide you with access to some of our resources at the Bank.


Evidence of enrollment in a full time degree course and payment of fees will be required with the application.

Applications Deadline:

Applications for our 2014 Scholarship round are now open. Applications will be closing on January 29th 2014.

For further information: Māori and Pacific Islands Scholarship

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