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Mass communication

"mass communication "

"mass communication  "Definition of Mass communication

Mass communication as process in which professional communicators design and use intermediary channels to transmit message quickly at a time to a large number of heterogeneous but widespread and fairly undifferentiated audiences separated from a sources by a great distance.

Nature of Mass Communication

  • Relatively large audiences
  • Fairly undifferentiated audiences composition
  • Some form of message reproduction
  • Rapid distribution and delivery
  • Low unit cost to the customer

Characteristics of Mass Communication

  • Professional Communicator
  • Heterogeneity
  • Undifferentiated Audience
  • Vast Boundaries
  • Divers Location
  • Intermediary Channel
  • Limited Feedback
  • Use of Rapid Means
  • Use of Specialized Technology
  • Production Specialist

Scope of Mass Communication

  • Trade and Commerce
  • Social Affairs
  • Business Management
  • Political Affairs
  • State Business
  • Education

Role/ Importance of Mass Communication in Business

  • Initial Stage
  • Publicity for Goods
  • Facing Competition
  • Forecasting Demand
  • Markets Survey
  • Economic Development
  • Creating Social Link

Objectives of Mass Communication

  • To Achieve
  • To Inform
  • To Maintain Continuity
  • To Create Opinion
  • To Entertain
  • To Face Emergency
  • To Convey Public Policy
  • To Implement Educational Program
  • To Established Social Contract
  • To Play Diplomatic Role

Preconditions for Successful Mass Communication

  • Understanding
  • Thinking
  • Consistency
  • Follow-up

Mass Communication Media

  • Print Media
  • Audio Media
  • Audio Visual Media
  • Traditional Media

Mass Communication Agencies

  • Press Association
  • The Syndicates of  Reporters
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Advertising Department/ Public Relation Department
  • Public Information Ministry


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