Masters Scholarships at Graduate Institute Geneva in Switzerland, 2014

""Graduate Institute Geneva in Switzerland

""Graduate Institute Geneva in Switzerland
Graduate Institute Geneva

The Master in Development Studies is the Institute’s oldest interdisciplinary program. It aims to equip students aspiring to careers in development with the theoretical, policy and practical skills to tackle the great development challenges of our time. MDEV combines training in quantitative and qualitative methods with disciplinary courses in Anthropology/Sociology, Economics, History and Law and a unique interdisciplinary approach to three critical areas: Conflict and Peace-building; Development and Sustainability; and Human and Social Development.

Study Subject:

Scholarships are awarded to pursue master program in Development Studies (MDEV) and International Affairs.


The eligibility criteria for Masters in Development Studies-

  • A Master’s degree is awarded after the completion of 90 ECTS credits for coursework and the successful completion of the Master’s dissertation, i.e. after the fourth semester of studies (four semesters = 120 ECTS). A few students are able to complete their curriculum in two semesters, some in three semesters.

Scholarship Open for:

International and Swizz students can apply for these scholarships.

Scholarship Duration: Scholarships will be offered for two years.

Scholarship Value:

The Institute can provide support in the form of full or partial scholarships to students with proven financial needs. Depending on the extent of the student’s financial needs and on the budgetary means available, the Institute offers:

  • full scholarships: these generally amount to CHF 18,000 per academic year, as well as exemption from the Institute’s tuition fees; in some cases, scholarships are subject to certain specific conditions (duration of study and/or geographical origin of students);
  • partial scholarships: these generally amount to CHF 9,000 CHF per year as well as exemption from the Institute’s tuition fees;
  • excellence scholarships for a sum equal to the cost of the annual tuition fees; they are used to attract new students who stand out due to the quality of their academic file, irrespective of their financial needs.

Selection Criteria: The selection criteria for Development Studies program-

  • The decision to admit a student is taken by the admissions committee of the relevant academic department or interdisciplinary program (International Affairs, Development Studies, International Economics, International Relations/Political Science, International History, International Law, Anthropology and Sociology of Development). Our admissions process is selective and rigorous: For 2013-2014, 33% of the candidates were admitted. The faculty makes its decisions on the basis of academic results, letters of recommendation, the personal letter of motivation and the overall quality of the application file. This includes work-experience, extracurricular involvement and language skills.

Notification: Successful applicants will be notified in 15th March 2014.

How to Apply?

Application for a scholarship should be made through the online application form. Documents to upload are:

  • a short letter (one page) justifying the request for financial aid;
  • proof of the student’s and his/her parents’/tutors’ income and savings in local currency (bank statements from the last six months, tax certificates, yearly or monthly salary slips);
  • information on any scholarships or other type of financial aid received in the past.

Application Deadline: 15th January 2014.

For further information: Masters Scholarships at Graduate Institute Geneva

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