Master’s Scholarships for International Students at University of Bern in Switzerland, 2014-15

"University of Bern"

"University of Bern"The University of Bern offers Master’s Scholarship for international students.  Announcement by the University of Bern for Studies Beginning in the Autumn Term 2014

Six outstanding foreign students are eligible for monthly financial support for the duration of a Master’s program. The Master Grant is awarded for all programs offered by the University of Bern with the exception of Biomedical Science. For more information about the offered programs please visit Master-Programs as well as Faculties.

Study Subject:

Scholarships are provided to learn any of the courses (exception of Biomedical Science) offered by University of Bern in Switzerland.


  • Whose permanent domicile at the time of application is outside of Switzerland, and who obtained their Bachelor’s degree outside of Switzerland
  • Whose Bachelor’s degree is in the relevant field of study
  • Who will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree no later than July 2014

Scholarship Value and Duration:

  • The monthly payment is 1’600 Swiss Francs (for further information on costs of living in Switzerland, see FAQs).
  • The Grant is first awarded for a period of 13 months starting 1 September 2014. When the Grantee demonstrates academic progress, the Grant is prolonged for the entire regular duration of the Master’s program.

Besides the above-mentioned financial aid, the Grant covers also the ordinary registration- as well as semester fees for the entire regular study period.  However it is important to note that all grantees must pay per semester 55 Swiss Francs for administrative costs in the admissions office as well as the membership fee for the student union.

How to Apply?

The Application must contain. The application form;

  • A motivation letter, integrated in the application form, in the language of instruction of the chosen Master’s program;
  • Recommendation letters by two professors of the home university. These must be printed on official letterhead and duly signed;
  • A certificate of language proficiency in the language of instruction, e.g. TOEFL, Goethe-certificate, etc, (Level: German C1, English B2);
  • One photocopy of the Bachelor’s degree or a confirmation (no older than three months) from the home university that the applicant will graduate by the end of July 2014;
  • One photocopy of the transcript of records;
  • One photocopy of the baccalaureate (school-leaving or university entrance certificate).


The International Office will communicate with applicants in the following manner:

  • Upon arrival of the documents, all applicants will receive an acknowledge of receipt per e-mail
  • After the first evaluation, rejected applicants will receive an e-mail (about January 2014)
  • After the second evaluation stage, rejected applicants will receive an e-mail (about March 2014)
  • Applicants who are nominated or put on the waiting list will receive an e-mail (End of March/Beginning April 2014)

Application Deadline: 30 November 2013.

For further information: Master’s Scholarship at University of Bern

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