Napoleon Bonaparte

"Napoleon Bonaparte"

"Napoleon Bonaparte"Napoleon Bonaparte one of the supreme military leaders in history and emperor of France, he conquered much of Europe.

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on 15 August 1769 in Corsica into a gentry’s family. Educated at military school, he was swiftly promoted and in 1796, was made commanding officer of the French army in Italy, where he forced Austria and its associates to build tranquility. In 1798, Napoleon conquered Ottoman-ruled Egypt in an effort to smack at British trade route with India. He was trapped when his navy was cracked by the British at the Battle of the Nile.

France now faced an innovative alliance – Austria and Russia had related with Britain. Napoleon Bonaparte returned to Paris where the government was in emergency. In a coup d’etat in November 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte became first representative. In 1802, he was made representative for life and two years afterward, sovereign. He oversees the centralization of government, the establishment of the Bank of France, the replacement of Roman Catholicism as the state religion and law improvement with the Code Napoleon Bonaparte.

In 1800, he overpowered the Austrians at Marengo. He then negotiated a general European tranquility which established French power on the continent. In 1803, Britain resumed war with France, afterward joined by Russia and Austria. Britain imposed a naval overwhelm on the French at Trafalgar (1805) so Napoleon Bonaparte discarded plans to attack England and twisted on the Austro-Russian forces, defeating them at Austerlitz later the same year. He gained much new region, including appropriation of Prussian lands which apparently gave him be in charge of of Europe. The Holy Roman Empire was dissolved, Holland and Westphalia formed, and over the next five years, Napoleon’s relations and loyalists were installed as leaders (in Holland, Westphalia, Italy, Naples, Spain and Sweden).

In 1810, he had his fruitless marriage to Josephine de Beauharnais given up for lost and married the daughter of the Austrian emperor in the anticipates of having an heir. A son, Napoleon Bonaparte was born a year later.

The Peninsular War began in 1808. Expensive French overcomes over the after that five years exhausted French armed resources. Napoleon Bonaparte‘s incursion of Russia in 1812 resulted in a catastrophic move away. The surge started to twist in favor of the associates and in March 1814, Paris fell. Napoleon Bonaparte went into banish on the Mediterranean island of Elba. In March 1815 he fugitive and marched on the French capital. The Battle of Waterloo ruined his brief second reign. The British incarcerated him on the isolated Atlantic island of St Helena, where he died on 5 May 1821.


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