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Student Visa Requirements for Study Abroad in Sweden

"Student Visa Requirements for Study Abroad in Sweden "

"Student Visa Requirements for Study Abroad in Sweden "Students from EU and Nordic countries are not requisite to apply for a visa or residences authorize, they merely have to register with the Swedish Migration on entrance.

For students from other foreign countries a visa is necessary for entering Sweden for a course which is less than 3 months of period. A residence permit with a authority of one year is necessary for students when the course period is more than 3 months.

Documents that are necessary to submit for Swedish Student Visa:-

  • A copy of valid passport showing the identity of the student.
  • A certificate showing that the student is enrolled for the full time study.
  • A certificates showing that the student has comprehensive health insurance that is valid in Sweden.
  • A certificate from a bank confirming that student have enough fund to support their stay in Sweden or the necessary documents that show that student have received a scholarship, study grant or any other type of financial aid.

Upon submitting the application candidates are also necessary to submit a copy of their passport. Original passports would only be necessary for verification. The embassy has the keep back right for asking any other verification. Incomplete applications would not be acknowledged .Visa processing takes about three weeks. All set of laws consular fees or services are subject to alteration without any previous notice.

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