ULG Research Grant for Foreign Doctoral Students in Belgium, 2014

"Radboud Scholarship Program"

"Radboud Scholarship Program"Research grants for foreign doctoral students are intended for those already enrolled for a doctorate in a university abroad, or for those who will prepare their doctoral project. Their stay in Liège should offer them an experience of international mobility. These grants are not intended to support finalization of thesis (i.e., last year of PhD or writing the thesis). They may not be offered to applications who have already had a status of employee with social security nor to those who could lose the access to social security due to their previous status.

Study Subject:

Grant is awarded for the preparation of doctoral project in student’s studies program.


The applicant must not have been graduated from ULg (1st or 2nd cycle), nor have been in Liège as « stagiaire » for more than 6 months. At the end of his/her stay, the applicant will have to provide the proof of his search for financial support for his/her PhD studies (i.e., application to FRESH, FRIA, FNRS or NON FRIA_ULg), if the supervisor considers he/she will be able to develop his/her doctoral project.

  • Applicants who are already enrolled at ULg as PhD/Doctoral students are not eligible.
  • Applicants will be invited to enroll as stagiaire, or enroll to the doctoral educational program (formation doctorale) if they have the required level. The duration of the stay is 12 months and may not be broken down.

Scholarship Value:

The grant will cover monthly allowance of €625 or €1.200, flat rate for round trip from the country the parent institution to Belgium.

Scholarship Duration:

Grants are awarded for maximum 12 months, as part of doctoral thesis preparation. These grants may be broken down into a maximum of four stays of a minimum of two months.

Selection Criteria:

  • Quality of the applicant;
  • Quality of the mobility project (structure, program) and how it fits into the doctoral research
  • project or its definition;
  • Quality of the facilities offered by the host (availability of necessary resources) and the added value that the host facility can offer the doctoral student.

How to Apply?

Application forms and annexes must be submitted together by mail to the secretary of the ARD (Administration R&D,

Application Deadline: December 15, 2013.

For further information: ULG Research Grant for Foreign Doctoral Students

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