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Weirdest Interview Tactics

"Weirdest Interview Tactics"

"Weirdest Interview Tactics"Gone are the days where recruiters and hiring managers interview a promising job applicant, check their references and make a quick decision.

Now credit checks, background checks, skills tests, personality tests and a tour of candidates’ social media profiles are just the beginning. Ask a roomful of job hunters about the oddest interview tactics they’ve encountered recently and you’re bound to hear an earful about bizarre curve-ball questions and off-the-wall proficiency tests they never expected.

Blame the global recession. In its wake, job candidates — even mediocre ones — have become well-versed in the art of interviewing.

“Everyone knows that they’re going to get asked ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ ‘What’s your strength?’ ‘What’s your weakness?’” said Debby Carreau, chief executive officer of Calgary, Alberta-based Inspired HR Ltd, which handles human resources for dozens of American and Canadian employers.

To cut through the canned responses, employers have increasingly embraced new and unusual hurdles. While larger firms may be more concerned with adhering to hiring protocols in a way smaller firms might not be, extra wacky steps are popping up at big companies, too.

Scroll through the images above to see six of the oddest job screening tactics we’ve found — from handwriting analysis to interviews at 30,000 feet and more.


Courtesy: Michelle Goodman, BBC News


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