DBU Doctoral Scholarships for International Students in Germany, 2014

"DBU Doctoral Scholarships"

"DBU Doctoral Scholarships"DBU Doctoral Scholarships is offered by The German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) to young scientists from all disciplines for carrying out research in the field of environmental protection. DBU offers 60 PhD scholarships per year.

In addition to project funding maintains the German Federal Environmental Foundation, a Fellowship Program for young scientists. Lower be supported students at German universities. In this way, one should in Environmental issues particularly competent generation of scientists to be established. Highly qualified young scientists who research topics with clear loading Edit train on current environmental and conservation issues and their work contribute to the solution of these problems are under-doctoral fellowships supported.

Environmental problems are characterized by their high complexity, so that their solution, an interdisciplinary cooperation of various Wissenschaftsbe-requires rich.Therefore, the scholarship program is aimed specifically DBU to qualified applicants from all disciplines / fields of study and supports the special interdisciplinary research topics.

Study Subject:

Scholarships are offered in the field of environmental protection.


Scholarships are awarded to applicants who

  • Has not yet begun that your thesis.
  • Good German knowledge of foreign applicants are expected to be integrated into the DBU scholarship network is possible.
  • In addition to above-average university degree is expected from the chosen thesis topic that is of high relevance and can contribute to solving problems in environmental protection and nature conservation.

Scholarship Duration:

Scholarships are awarded for three years. Each scholarship is initially awarded for a period of up to one year. After reviewing the progress of work is usually an extension of one year each.

Scholarship Value:

The amount of the scholarship is from June 2009 monthly 940, – €.In addition to Scholarship, a monthly allowance of 210, – € for material and travel costs (Reimbursement of expenses allowance) paid.Any additional material resources can be granted only in exceptional cases and on a small scale. If this ge-wishes will have the scholarship application, a detailed and complete Cost plan are attached. Fellows with children receive a child allowance.Is the children’s allowance 200, – € for the first child and an additional 150, – € for the second and each additional child. Fellows with child / children may, on request in special cases (eg birth and settling into the family of the child) disease a family break-einletions in which the DBU scholarship rests.This family leave is limited to maximum 12 months limited per child.


The committee meets four times a year and makes its decisions with Voice majority. The meeting of the selection committee twice a year a group of most promising candidates / inside for a personal interview Loading. This conversation is conducted in German and held annually End April, May (Application Deadline: January 15) and the end of September, October (Application Deadline: June 15) instead. The decision on the application shall be notified in writing, however unfounded. A legal claim on the total currency of a scholarship does not exist.

How to Apply? Mode of apply is online.

Application Deadline: 15 January, 2014.

For further information: DBU Doctoral Scholarships

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