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Dhaka Bank MTO Recruitment Test English Questions and Answers

"Dhaka Bank"

"Dhaka Bank"Dhaka Bank Recruitment Test for MTO English Questions and Answers, Sep-2011

Questions 1 to 5: Fill in the Gaps –

01. Out of countless news items, this one seems to be different as it summarizes stories by the _______ reporters on _______ celebrities from the sports, entertainment, or business areas.

a) affluent – displaying
b) influential – profiling
c) effective – parading
d) dominating – narrating
c) none of these

Ans: b

02. Once the audience began to applaud and laugh at his jokes, the comedian felt more ______ and his dellivery became less ______ .

a) professional – engaging
b) excited – interesting
c) relaxed – inhibited
d) uncomfortable – reserved
e) none of these

Ans: c

03. Mrs. Rita lives by teaching in a primary school, ______ as he serves in a government organization.

a) so is her brother
b) but her brother
c) though does not her brother
d) so does not her brother
e) none of these

Ans: d

04. Ratul had never visited the Sundarbans, but he could appreciate the splendor _____ though the ______ of others.

a) vicariously – descriptions
b) heedlessly – account
c) innocuously – fascinate
d) mystically – eyes
e) none of these

Ans: c

05. Doing something _____ the moment is his old habit.

a) all on a sudden of
b) on the spur of
c) sine die of
d) on the instant of
e) none of these

Ans: d

Questions 6 to 10: Identification of Mission Word.

Instruction: In each of the following sentences, these is one word missing. Identify the missing word from the given choices.

06. Commit this poem memory.

a) in
b) on
c) at
d) to
e) no word is missing

Ans: d

07. He played fool in spending too much money.

a) the
b) of
c) in
d) for
e) no word is missing

Ans: a
08. He ran fast lest he miss the train.

a) shall
b) should
c) will
d) would
e) no word is missing

Ans: b

09. The boy resembles his father.

a) to
b) at
c) for
d) of
e) no word is missing

Ans: e

10. Never look down the poor.

a) differentiate
b) upon
c) towards
d) for
e) no word is missing

Questions 11 to 15: Word Meaning.

Instruction: Select the word that best matches the definition provided.

11. The piece of string in the centre of a candle =

a) Yoke
b) Wick
c) Vane
d) Tenor
e) none of these

Ans: b

12. A person who performs the art of making statues using clay =

a) Mediator
b) Arbitrator
c) Sculptor
d) Miniature
e) none of these

Ans: c

13. A person who leaves his or her own country to settle in another =

a) Emigrant
b) Immigrant
c) Foreigner
d) Traveler
e) none of these

Ans: a

14. A dwarfed ornamental tree or shrub grown in a tray or shallow pot =

a) Topiary
b) Fabrication
c) Gardening
d) Bonsai
e) none of these

Ans: d

15. Something that lasts only for a while =

a) Perpetual
b) Vivid
c) Venal
d) Transient
e) none of these

Ans: d

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