Doctoral Scholarships for International Students at University of Waikato in New Zealand, 2014

"University of Waikato"

"University of Waikato"University of Waikato offers doctoral scholarships for international students in New Zealand, 2014. These Scholarships are funded by the University of Waikato as part of its commitment to postgraduate research. The Scholarships are normally offered twice a year, to full and part-time candidates for a doctoral degree of the University of Waikato. Candidates for the following doctoral degrees may apply for a University of Waikato Doctoral Scholarship: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Education (EdD) Part 2 only, Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) Part 2 only, and Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) Part 2 only.

Study Subject:

Scholarships are provided to learn any of the courses offered by University of Waikato in New Zealand.


  • University of Waikato Doctoral Scholarship is open to domestic and international applicants.
  • All applicants must have submitted an “Application to enroll for doctoral studies at the University of Waikato prior to, or at the same time as, applying for a Doctoral Scholarship. Scholarship applications will only be selected for consideration once the applicant has received an Offer of Place for Doctoral study at the University of Waikato.
  • Candidates already enrolled in a doctoral degree at the University of Waikato may apply. However, the Selection Panel will favour applications from new doctoral students and of those; preference will be given to applicants who have completed the entry qualifications for doctoral study. Scholarships (of reduced duration) may be offered to a candidate who has been enrolled in doctoral studies for six months full-time, or twelve months part-time, or more.

Scholarship Duration:

The total term of any Scholarship will not exceed three years of full-time or six years of part-time enrollment.

Scholarship Value:

For 2014, the total value of a Scholarship shall be a living allowance of up to $22,000.00 per annum (pro rata for part-time candidates), and an amount equal to the annual tuition fees payable during the term of the Scholarship. A thesis preparation allowance of up to $400 is also available. The value of the Scholarship shall be determined from time to time by the University Council.

Application Deadline:

The application deadline is 31 October 2013 (for Round 1) and 30 April 2014 (for Round 2).

For further information: Doctoral Scholarships for International Students at University of Waikato


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