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Student Visa Requirements for Study Abroad in Denmark

"Student Visa Requirements for Study Abroad in Denmark "

"Student Visa Requirements for Study Abroad in Denmark "A visa is issued for the intention of a short stay (less than 3 months) in Denmark and other Schengen countries. Employment is not allowable for the duration of the keep on enclosed by the visa. Foreign citizens who are exempted from vital visa requirements can stay, but not work, in the Schengen province up to 3 months.

For sojourns or habitation authorizes longer than 3 months as well as stays in relationship with studies or employment, together with work as a couple, a residence and/or work permit is compulsory. However, individual rules apply to citizens from the Nordic Countries, the EU Member States as well as Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Documents required are given below:

  • Valid national passport or other valid travel identification.
  • Two passport photos.
  • An invitation, if possible, from your reference in Denmark, with information about the persons you will visit, as well as name and address, purpose of your visit, and a description of the relationship between you and your reference in Denmark.
  • Information about CPR number and Alien Identification number (if applicable) of your reference in Denmark.

You may in several cases be asked to create additional documentation when submitting your application. In most cases, you will be stimulating a dispensation fee. As such, it is a high-quality idea to contact the ambassadorial mission in question previous to submitting your visa application.

You are advised not to obtain closed airline tickets or travel insurance previous to the diplomatic mission confirms that you are entitled for a visa.

Upon submitting the application candidates are also mandatory to submit a copy of their passport. Original passports would only be compulsory for verification. The embassy has the keep right for asking any other verification. Incomplete applications would not be acknowledged .Visa processing takes about three weeks. All regulations consular fees or services are subject to modify without any previous notice.

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